Robert Durst faces a new trial in the death of his first wife


The legal saga surrounding the real estate scion Robert Durst found another place Friday, when a new trial accused him of having murdered him in New York and getting rid of his body in 1982.

The wrongful death suit, filed in a state court, came two years after a judge declared Kathleen Durst legally dead. He accuses Durst of killing this woman in their suburban home in New York after she threatened to divorce her.

Durst for decades has denied any involvement in the death of his first wife. However, the lawsuit claims that he made "multiple confessions" in the murder, including stories told in a sensational HBO documentary that examined the disappearance of Kathleen Durst and two other murders for which Durst had been charged.

In the finale of this series, "The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst", was he heard mumbling on a microphone: "Are you caught! What am I? I did it, all killed, of course. "

Durst, 75, was arrested in New Orleans in March 2015, just hours before the release of the latest episode.

He has not been charged with the disappearance of his first wife, but he should be tried later this year in Los Angeles, after the assassination of Susan Berman, his best friend and spokesman. Durst allegedly told him of his role in the death of his first wife and then killed Berman in 2000, after the New York authorities reopened their investigation and planned to meet with her.

Prosecutors say he ambushed Berman at home, near Beverly Hills, and shot him in the head.

Durst's lawyer left phone and electronic comments.

A lawyer for Kathleen Durst's sister declined to comment.

The complaint filed Friday differs from a previous lawsuit filed by Kathleen Durst's sisters, accusing Robert Durst of ingesting the family's efforts to find the woman's body.

The claim for wrongful death, which claims damages, alleges that there is "overwhelming evidence" that Durst mistreated his wife before his disappearance, citing a host of possible motives for his murder. Durst's modus operandi lends itself to the conclusion that Kathie (Durst) was touched on the back of the head and that her body was cut into small pieces and that her remains were later thrown away. "

The deposition refers to another murder for which Durst was acquitted of the Texas murder in 2003 after testifying that he had killed a neighbor in self-defense before dismembering the man's body and throwing him into the sea.

Durst, who inherited a fortune from his family's real estate empire in New York, had been hiding in Galveston, disguised as a mute woman living in a low-rent apartment.

Prosecutors said Durst killed the neighbor, Morris Black, to prevent him from revealing where he was.


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