Rock-Price Rock Play Recall: What You Need to Know

If you've had a baby in the last 10 years, it's very likely you have a version of the Fisher-Price Sleeper Rock-Play. But now, Fisher-Price has recalled 4.7 million sleepers Rock 'N Play Sleepers after the product has been associated with more than 30 infant deaths.

Although most Rock 'N Play instructions advise parents not to leave their children in the bedroom – to use the product instead in supervised naps – there are many parents who have put their kids in the product at night.

The main danger for infants is that Rock 'N Play has a self-balancing function, combined with tilt, which can both interfere with regular breathing. A week ago, prior to the recall, the US Consumer Product Saftey Commission advised parents to stop using the product as soon as their children would be able to turn around. This prompted Fisher-Price to issue a warning, but now the USCPSC has pushed Fisher-Price for a full recall.

As part of the recall, Fisher-Price is offering customers a refund for their Rock 'N' games. Details can be found by contacting Fisher-Price Customer Service here.

"These inclined products are linked to infant mortality and conflict with medical experts' recommendations for restful sleep," Consumer Reports Policy Analyst William Wallace said in a report. United States today.

This means that even if the parents do not own a Fisher-Price Rock N Play, a similar similar product offered by another company is probably also suspect.

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