Rock-Price's Rock Play reminder highlights the dangers of inclined sleepers

Fisher-Price recalls 5 million baby sleepers after the death of more than 30 babies was linked to their use.

The New York Times reported that in most cases, babies would choke after being rolled on their stomachs or on their backs.

The problem, however, is not just Fisher-Price, according to monitoring groups.

Kids In Danger – an organization that works to protect children through product safety regulations – issued a warning against slumpers in June 2018. According to the organization, once A baby can turn around, there is an increased risk that the baby is stuck in an impossible position. escape from. But it is difficult to adjust this parameter meticulously, because each baby will grow at a different speed, some rocking every five months and others before three months.

It was noted that many of these deaths occurred while the baby was not properly restrained – as stated explicitly in the product's product manual -, the American Academy of Pediatrics argues that products with restraints should not be used for sleeping.

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The AAP issued a statement Tuesday outlining how car seats, strollers and "devices" can be dangerous when they are used as sleeping places for a baby. The academy said that letting a baby sleep in something that requires restraint poses "the risk that a baby could roll or turn into a dangerous position and not be able to move, which can result in choking or choking ".

The Times announced that Mattel – Fisher-Price's parent company – issued a statement Friday confirming his product. Despite his confidence in the safety of existing products, Mattel accepted a voluntary recall of the product, encouraged by the Consumer Product Safety Commission "due to reported incidents in which the product had been used contrary to warnings and safety instructions" .

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