American engineer and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin embarks on holography as part of the world's first "Archival VR" project in "Cycling Pathways To Mars".

Buzz Aldrin is not afraid to stand out in the crowd, and a photo of him alongside the latest Apollo astronauts proves it.

Aldrin sits for a historic photo with seven other Apollo astronauts at the 115th Explorers Club's annual dinner in an outfit paying homage to his landing on the 20 July 1969 moon. In a sea of ​​black tuxedos Aldrin was wearing a metal rocket suit with a matching bow tie, star socks and stripes, several gold rings, two watches and a medal around his neck.

After all, what else should a man who has landed on the moon should dress up to attend an event commemorating 50 years of landing on the moon?

Felix Kunze, who photographed the men at the event in New York earlier this month, told Forbes that he was shocked to be able to bring together all the Apollo astronauts present for the event. ;picture.

"This whole situation only came up after I shot eight of them," he told Forbes.

Aldrin was recently seen in the same dazzling ensemble at the Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

Buzz Aldrin attends the Celebrity Fight Night on March 22, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, in his dazzling rocket-patterned suit. (Photo: Amy Sussman, Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

The former astronaut is not shy in front of the camera. In fact, he probably took the first selfie in the space auctioned in 2015.

And then there is this Superman style photo at Stonehenge.

Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first humans to walk on the moon. Armstrong passed away August 25, 2012.

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