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Rocky & # 39; Morey addresses Paul, Harden tension

Houston Rockets' general manager, Daryl Morey, said Monday that he considered any tension between Chris Paul and James Harden as a good thing, as it means the two stars want to win.

Morey, in an interview with Golic & Wingo of ESPN Radio, also said that Paul had not asked to be exchanged by the team.

"No. No, he did not," he says.

Morey reacted to an article published Monday by ESPN, which describes in detail the turmoil around the team and the tension between his two biggest stars, Harden and Paul.

"We have two top-level contenders, Chris and James, whose only goal in life at this stage is to win the title, they have done all the rest, they will both be in the first round of the Hall of Famers. Superstars competing at this level, there will be times when they will be extremely competitive, extremely focused on how to reach that next level, and where we will not be frustrated, "said Morey." I'm frustrated, our best players are frustrated, Mike D & # 39; Antoni is frustrated. We want to take the last step and become the champion and I think it's good that there is a tension in the sense that we all want to win. "

As far as Antoni's future is concerned, Morey said confidently that the team and the coach will eventually agree to extend his contract beyond next season. D'Antoni announced last month that he had interrupted discussions with the team after being unable to hear on an extension.

"He will be our coach next year, we hope to solve the problem for the future now, otherwise we will do it after next season," he said. "We love Mike, he's one of our players' favorites, all of our best players love to play for him, we'll be fine."

Morey said the Rockets would be aggressive this off season to consolidate their favorite status, in his opinion, to win the Western Conference. He acknowledged, however, that taking action would probably create more tension.

"We think we should be the favorite of the West and we will take steps to show people that we should be the favorite of the West, which will create a bit of tension when we do it. But at the end of the day, we'll have at least the first five, which, again, forces most teams to stay on course and spend halfway, we're going to spend in the tax. one of the most expensive teams as we had been last year and this year, and we will be there, "he said.

Morey credited owner Tilman Fertitta for allowing him to be aggressive.

"Tillman wants to win, he spends all he needs, he has allowed me to pay taxes for several years, we are going to spend all we need to win," he said. he declared.

Asked for his reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers trade for Anthony Davis, Morey said, "In one way or another, we have been lost in the mix."

He also noted that the Rockets were the best team after the break from the stars and said: "We will either add a third star or a mid-range player to our core and be better next year.

"For me, this story shows just how open the West is and how good we are in the mix, and probably the favorite for next year."

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