Roger Stone calls the testimony of John Dean's home & # 39; clickbait & # 39 ;, calls into question the credibility of his colleague Watergate


Decades before Roger Stone, longtime advisor to President Donald Trump, was involved in the investigations of the special advocate Robert Mueller on the stalemate of the elections in Russia during the US presidential election in 2016, he was involved in an investigation into a possible obstruction of justice by another commander-in-chief: President Richard Nixon.

Stone – a Nixon enthusiast known for tattooing the face of the former president on his back – Monday leaked the credibility of former Nixon lawyer to the White House, John Dean, as evidenced by the key figure in the Watergate scandal at Capitol Hill. between the Nixon and Trump investigations.

"I do not know why [Dean] was invited to testify today because I do not know what his expertise is on issues. (…) I think it clicks like a click, "Stone told ABC News podcast," The Investigation ", of Dean, who made his former boss famous in a scathing manifesto read aloud. voice on the Senate Watergate committee investigating Nixon in 1973.

The famous dean pleaded guilty to obstructing justice in the Watergate scandal.

Stone – who is himself the youngest person to testify at the same Senate hearings on the Watergate scandal – added, "[Dean’s] obviously a media star. He spent a lot of air time talking about the scandal based on his previous experience. I guess so that he testifies to draw attention to the hearings. "

Stone added that the Judiciary Committee of the House had asked his lawyers to present his own testimony before Congress, but he asserted that he had to invoke his rights under the Fifth Amendment because of ongoing court proceedings.

Stone had been advising Trump's 2016 campaign, but had been controversial in 2015. His experience with the 2016 election campaign was partially documented in Netflix's documentary "Get Me Roger Stone", which focused on the eccentric political career of Stone.

In January, Stone had been arrested during an FBI raid at his home, Florida, at dawn, as part of an indictment relating to seven charges. Accusation and related to the Mueller probe. Stone, who has pleaded not guilty to the seven charges, faces charges including lying to Congress and altering witnesses.

PHOTO: Roger Stone, a long-time political ally of President Donald Trump, is appearing for a status hearing in the criminal case brought against him by Special Advocate Robert Mueller in US District Court. Washington, DC, April 30, 2019.
Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Roger Stone, a long-time political ally of President Donald Trump, is appearing for a status hearing in the criminal case against him by Special Advocate Robert Mueller in US District Court in Washington, DC April 30, 2019.

In Stone's indictment, Mueller's attorneys wrote that after WikiLeaks began broadcasting internal emails from the Democratic National Committee in the summer of 2016, a senior Unidentified Trump campaigner was asked to do so. to contact Stone for any additional information and detrimental information. [Wikileaks] concerning the Clinton campaign ".

Stone then informed the Trump campaign of its future releases of damaging equipment by [Wikileaks]"Prosecutors allege in court documents." Stone vehemently denied any alleged implication in the Wikileaks revelations and was not accused of conspiring with them.

The federal judge who presided over Stone's case sentenced him in February to a restraining order preventing him from speaking publicly about the case and therefore not being able to comment on a number of questions that ABC News had asked him during his testimony. his interview.

Stone said he was disappointed by the growing number of candidates running for the Democratic presidency in 2020. "I do not see any winners or particularly strong candidates in this group of Democrats, I think Joe Biden is a very imperfect candidate, "he said.

Regarding President Trump's main Republican challenger, Fmr. Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, Stone – a fan and friend of Weld's – has expressed skepticism about his viability as a Republican candidate powerful enough to overthrow the president.

"I have a very high regard for Bill Weld," Stone said. I have an even greater esteem for President Trump and the extraordinary work he's doing. I do not think he's vulnerable in the Republican primary. "

When asked if he would help Trump in his bid for reelection in 2020, Stone told ABC News: "I certainly hope to be free to do that." As you know, I am # 39; have [pleaded] not guilty to all counts and I promised to fight for justification at the trial in November ".

Stone's next appearance in court is scheduled for July 19.


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