Roger Stone is tied to cases still under investigation, according to the Department of Justice

The Justice Department said Friday afternoon in Washington DC federal court that it should not authorize the release of the search warrants used in Stone's criminal trial in federal court in DC. The mandates "relate to investigations that are still ongoing," the document says. The search warrants contain so much sensitive information that the redactions should not even be disclosed, according to the Department of Justice.

"Because of the interconnected nature of the special advocate's investigations, the category of documents scanned here is broader than Stone's and the specific crimes he is charged with," prosecutors wrote.

"Although the special advocate has completed his investigation, the requested documents relate to ongoing investigations, a trial in the Stone case (the Stone case) scheduled for this year and respect for life. Private no third parties are not charged. "No public access rights apply these materials," prosecutors said. A media coalition, including CNN, had asked to disclose the arrest warrants against Stone.

Prosecutors have even speculated about ongoing investigations, claiming that it was possible for an accused to be charged with a crime but that he still has another conduct. and communication with other people under investigation.

"The special advocate investigation involved several areas of investigation.Many were entrusted to the special advocate office.But the special advocate also referred a number from questions to other government offices for investigation, "prosecutors added.

Stone has been accused of lying, obstructing and intimidating witnesses in connection with his statements to Congress about his attempts to interact with WikiLeaks about stolen documents in 2016. The Russian army was separately charged by Mueller for the so-called hack of democrats.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London on Thursday and charged with computer crime for conspiracy, but this does not concern the 2016 hack or the publication of these documents by WikiLeaks.

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