Roger Stone removes the Instagram post showing Judge Amy Berman Jackson next to the apparent reticle symbol


Trump says he's not thinking about forgiving Roger Stone

Roger Stone, a former longtime advisor at Trump, said that an image posted on his Instagram account showing the face of the judge presiding over his criminal case next to an apparent reticle symbol had been posted by somebody. One who worked for him and was not supposed to be a threat.

The picture of US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson appeared on Stone's account Monday afternoon and included the symbol in the corner. The text of the criticized post an order that Jackson issued Friday, setting some limits to what he and his lawyers can say publicly about his case. Stone, who faced an immediate reaction on Twitter after posting the picture, quickly took the picture.

Trump's long-time advisor, Roger Stone, posted an image on Instagram that appeared to have a crosshair behind the judge who presided over his case.


Stone told CBS News that the image was misinterpreted and was not intended as a threat.

"I objected to the way my case was assigned to a particular judge rather than to a randomly selected judge," Stone said in a text message to CBS News. "The judge has dismissed the motion of my lawyers without appeal, I do not think I have violated a court order and that these feelings were based on my first-amendment rights." Any inference that this would threaten the judge would be: false. that he is subject to false interpretations, I will take it. "

"One of the people who works for me posted this message, but I do not agree that it violates any aspect of the judge's order," added Stone. "Because it's been [misinterpreted] I ordered him to get him down although everything that was contained was factual. "

Stone claimed that the line of sight was "any symbol, it was a photo taken at random on the Internet and not Photoshopped by someone I know."

But Stone later stated that the symbol came from a group called Central Corruption and that they used the logo in many pictures.

Pierre was stopped during a raid before dawn in January at his home in Florida after being charged with lying, obstruction and falsification of witnesses as part of the investigation by the special advocate in Russia. He pleaded not guilty and is currently free of a $ 250,000 bond.

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