"Rumbling" raccoons bite their mouths and "act strangely": a quick alert in the southern suburbs


A recent warning about raccoons in the southwestern suburb of Stickney, in the southwestern suburbs, has raised fears among some villagers.

Residents of Stickney, Gayle and Stephanie Sikorra, have spotted the warning posted by the police on his Facebook page about the strange behavior of raccoons.

"The Stickney Township Animal Control issued a warning to be on the lookout for raccoons that could act strangely," reads the message. "They may have a sheaf, the warning signals will be that they will not move and just look, grunt their teeth, crawl in circles, if you see one of these animals do not approach them. Do not let your dogs and their children come in. Do not try to feed them. "

The police also said to make sure your dogs are vaccinated against the distemper virus.

"I read it and it made me very scared," Gayle Sikorra said. "We have a little dog, the first that they would go after, it's the dog and then we."

Between January 23rd and March 15th, Stickney County Animal Control responded to four sick raccoons circling and overturning.

A skunk had the same behavior on Monday and it is feared that these animals suffer from the viral disease, canine distemper.

"How lucky and lucky they are," Gayle said. "They can beat you."

Wildlife expert Rebecca Fyffe said humans should also feel good about these so-called "zombie" raccoons. She says that they do not act aggressively.

"An animal with tempera has puffy or crispy flows from the nose or eyes," she said. "A kind of aimless wandering."

Even though Fyffe does not think these raccoons are dangerous, Stickney residents say they'll be cautious if they see one.

"Keep an eye on them because they are there," Gayle Sikorra said.

Police say that if you find one of the animals, immediately call Stickney Township Animal Control at 708-424-9200.

Authorities investigated reports of "zombie-like" raccoons in northeastern Ohio, Cook County, last year.

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