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Yes, it's the off season. And the off season is a good time for speculation, speculation and rumor.

Colin Cowherd mounted a doozy On Wednesday, we learned that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson could play for the New York Giants. According to rumors, Wilson's wife, Ciara, would prefer to live in New York because Seattle is not a "mecca of entertainment".

Assuming that is enough for Wilson to change teams, that he wants to play for the Giants and that the Giants want him, it's something he could force, sooner or later.

Last year, PFT explained by stating that Wilson did not intend, as a result of a series of quarterback deals, to sign an extension but rather to play things on an annual basis, in the manner from Kirk Cousins. With a cap of $ 25.286 million in 2019, its franchise brand in 2020 would be $ 30.34 million. By 2021, it would reach $ 36.41 million. By 2022, the 44% rule would push the figure to $ 52.43 million.

If Wilson is willing to bear the risk of year-to-year injury and can refuse all long-term Seahawk bids, he will eventually force the Seahawks to make some very tough decisions. If they pay $ 30.34 million for 2020, will they pay $ 36.41 million for 2021? Will they pay $ 52.43 million for 2022?

At some point, they will surely refuse to be held hostage by the growing commitment to cash and capitalization, giving Wilson the freedom to engage (or possibly tag and trade). Of course, this does not mean that the Giants would be the team that would pay Wilson's maximum value in the open market; other teams would surely be interested and others might be more inclined to invest heavily in a quarterback too small. Remember the recent story that the Giants are not interested in Kyler Murray because he is not? This same theory could apply to Wilson.

Nevertheless, Wilson must force his exit from Seattle, whether in New York or elsewhere. With Kirk Cousins ​​providing the model for the quarterbacks a year ago, a real franchise quarterback (sorry, Kirk) might be inclined to significantly widen the path that Cousins ​​has traced.

And Wilson could be the one to do it.

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