RUMOR: Nintendo Uses Microsoft's "Azure" Cloud Service for Streaming Content


Do not play streaming. To change, Nintendo needs real support from a third party. If I want to play third party games at home, I have a PS4 and a PC. If Nintendo does anything, I would prefer it to be the option to stream games.

According to the phrasing and context of the tweet itself, it seems to be Nintendo streaming on Azure and not XCloud on Switch. This was a topic on the fact that Sony uses azure, which is clearly the fact that Sony puts its content on Azure and not that Microsoft is broadcasting its content on Sony. Of all manufacturers, Nintendo has the least need for streaming, but it will eventually become. Nintendo will be smart and will stay focused on the consoles for a while, but unlike the way they have been managed online, they will not break their heads, and will be preparing to have a streaming option ready for them. This job is quite true, it could very well be an unfounded speculation.

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