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Rumor: The new Nvidia Shield TV could share the same chipset as the upgraded switch

Nvidia Shield TV

As we all know, Nintendo Switch and Nvidia Shield TV share the same chipset, the Tegra X1. Nvidia leveraged its knowledge of mobile chipsets to make Nintendo create its hybrid console. As a result, she has not refreshed her own range of shields to return to what appears to be an eternity. It seems to be changing this year.

Evidence was found in the Google Play Developer Console device catalog, which strongly suggests that Nvidia is producing a new Shield TV console. The code name of the previous model was "darcy" and a new entry appeared with the code name "mdarcy".

Developers working on the Tegra kernel told XDA Developers that they thought the updated processor and GPU combo – called "t210b01" at this point, but which would still be part of the Tegra X1 family – would boast of "better use of the 'maximum GPU clock', the latter bringing a noticeable improvement in performance.

This is part of the discoveries made a few months ago, when a custom ROM developer searched the public version of Nvidia's source code and found references to "stormbreaker" and "friday" – the first being a new controller from joypad and the second a remote control.

An Nvidia spokesperson responded to the findings by stating, "We can not say which code names refer to active product concepts versus inactive ones, because they can be fluid. However, I can confirm that none of the code names refer to publicly launched products. "

This news is quite consistent with the rumors that Nintendo is working on an "upgrade" Switch console, which will be released alongside a more cost-based edition of the system. It would be logical for Nvidia to produce an updated Shield TV system if it is already running on an updated X1 for Nintendo.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed that new Switch SKUs are being developed, but its recent production shift has added more weight to these reports.

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