Rumor: The next generation of Xbox 'Lockhart' and 'Anaconda' will be revealed at E3, released in 2020


By Kirk McKeand,
Friday 22nd of February 2019 10h11 GMT

It seems that we could have an interesting E3, with the new generation of Xbox supposed to be revealed.

Last year, a leak would have destroyed the specifications of two upcoming Xbox machines codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda. According to JeuxVideo, one of the largest gaming sites in France, these specifications were very close to reality.

The report suggests that Lockhart will be the entry-level version, the least expensive version of the console and will not have a disc tray. Basically, it's a streaming and download box. The Anaconda is a more powerful machine that also has a disc tray. Both machines are equipped with SSDs for faster loading times.

Here are the specifications disclosed:

Xbox Lockhart specs

CPU: Custom 8 Cores – 16 zen wires 2
GPU: Teraflops NAVI 4+ customized
RAM: 12GB of GDDR6 memory
Storage room: NVMe 1 + GB / s 1TB SSD Hard Drive

Xbox Anaconda specs

CPU: Custom 8 Cores – 16 zen wires 2
GPU: Custom NAVI 12+ Teraflops
RAM: 16GB of GDDR6 memory
Storage room: NVMe 1 + GB / s 1TB SSD Hard Drive

It seems that Lockhart will offer 1080p games in native mode, while the Anaconda will offer a native 4K resolution with its much more powerful GPU. Lockhart's specifications seem strangely low, but obviously, they are all subject to change anyway, being early leaking.

Apparently, the price of the Anaconda will be similar to that of the Xbox One X at launch, about $ 500.

According to the sources of GamesVideo, Halo Infinite will be a launching title at the end of the machines in late 2020, although the game is also available on the family of Xbox One consoles.

With the removal of Sony from E3 this year, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft is doing with this open goal. It will also be interesting to see if Sony has plans for a sneaky counter-attack.

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