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Rumor: Zant returns in the breath of nature 2

It is very likely that a lot of time will go by before we hear about the recently announced sequel to the legend of Zelda: the breath of nature. But that will not stop fans from coming up with their own theories. A number of Zelda fans are convinced that Zant will play a role in the upcoming game, based on his trailer E3 2019, which includes some hidden notes that represent Zant's theme from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. . Read below an excerpt from a long fan theory on this topic:

In trying to determine who remains Ganondorf, the corpse was supposed to be, I referred to the position in which all the other Ganondorfs die and none of them dies like that. You know who does that? ZANT. It makes EXACT pose a lot. Another possibility is that the hand we see is Zant's! We have never seen them because they are covered by his sleeves. I've seen people suppose that the misty green lights probably came from Midna or at least Twilight, but I did not want to believe it because the color of the twili is turquoise, not green, but honestly, the color flickers a lot. Twilight Princess herself, so I think that after doing all this research on Zant, I'm more eager to believe it. That being said, it is also possible that the hand belongs to Midna or one of his descendants. Instead of helping the rebirth of Ganondorf's corpse, she tries to stop it. Either is possible. Another thing to note is that the marks on the wall also look like the symbols you see in the Twilight Realm.


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