Rumors of Odell Beckham Jr .: patriots would have attempted to trade the wide receivers of the Giants against the last season off


The Patriots did not have exactly the best depth at the wide catcher position last season, but apparently, this is not because they have not tried to add a star player.

according to Chris Simms on Monday's PMT Live, the Patriots made an effort to trade against Odell Beckham Jr. "all last season", which partly explains why the Giants did not trade at all.

"The New England Patriots were trying to get Odell Beckham Jr. to play out in the offseason," he said. "It did not work, and I think the giants were cold-eyed and they said to themselves:" Wait, New England wants it? Uh, maybe He is better than we thought it is thrown in the face and he will win a Super Bowl with the Pats. "

Commercial rumors involving Beckham have erupted again in recent days. Jay Glazer predicts the Giants would trade him as one of his daring positions during the off season.

The 26-year-old seems to have problems with quarterback Eli Manning, which could make him profitable. Beckham is signed until 2023 and if trades on this heading were traded, the $ 21 million (2019) and 19 million (20-20 years) would be lowered over the next four seasons.

It should be noted that Beckham has been active on Tom Brady's Instagram page in recent days, which obviously attracted the attention of fans of the Patriots.

The Patriots would certainly like to have a player like Beckham at Brady, but at this point, the shot seems long, considering what the team would probably need to give up and she did not a lot of space cap to work with, so he would probably need to restructure himself.

Strange things have happened, though.

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