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Rumors of the NBA: Pelicans plan to move to draw No. 2 draw, draft RJ Barrett | Bleacher's report

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29: RJ Barrett # 5 and Zion Williamson # 1 of the Duke Blue Devils address media following the East Region 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament match against Virginia Tech Hokies at Capital One Arena from March 29, 2019 in Washington DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton / Getty Images)

Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

Duke's product and the NBA project, RJ Barrett, seemed destined to land with the New York Knicks when the Eastern Conference team was awarded 3rd place in the overall standings, but the Pelicans of the New Orleans could change their plans.

according to Marc Berman of New York Post, the pelicans had "internal discussions on the passage to the second choice", which culminated in Thursday's project.

New Orleans has choices 1 and 4, the latter having been acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers as part of the trade deal for Anthony Davis. The Morphis of Memphis have the No. 2 pick to take Ja Morant, the guard of the game, but the report of Berman quotes an NBA source that the Pelicans would propose to Barrett to pair him with his best friend, their teammate and presumed the best choice, Zion Williamson in this scenario.

Pelicans have the assets to be entertained after the commercial deal signed with Davis. Los Angeles will send them three first-round picks, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart, which could be interesting for a team of Grizzlies seeking to rebuild around Jaren Jackson Jr.

As for New York, Berman's report revealed that Morant was superior to Barrett before the Murray State star was operated on the knee. If the Pelicans pass to No. 2 and retrieve Barrett, the Knicks will certainly answer by choosing their leader of the future at Morant.

The idea of ​​twinning Barrett and Williamson as pillars of the future is interesting for New Orleans. They know each other since their collegiate season and can work in the game as double playmakers at the NBA level.

There were some concerns that Barrett would take too many Williamson shots during their stay in Duke – especially in times of crisis – but the presence of veteran leader Jrue Holiday could help alleviate these fears.

David Griffin, Vice President of Basketball Operations, has already prepared the Pelicans for a quick rebuild, following Davis' trade deal and the lottery that gave them the right to pick a talent. generational to Williamson.

He is about to draw yet another young playmaker with whom to work in Thursday's draft, either through choice # 4 or an exchange that puts him out of contention. the team ranked second.

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