Running Back Roundup: Week 13 (Fantastic Football)

Welcome to the edition of Week 13 of the Running Back Roundup. The Rams and Chiefs were off last week, but they have pretty simple situations and pretty easy to summarize. You will see the 32 teams covered this week. But if you have a question to which the treaty below does not answer, ask on Twitter, @andrew_seifter.

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Arizona Cardinals
David Johnson has not managed to reach 100 yards of scrum for the first time in a month, but it's not necessary to overreact to his understated performance of the 12th week. Johnson still dominates the field and has a good playoff time (DET, @ATL, LA Rams), so he has a good chance of getting back to midrange RB1 when it matters most. Chase Edmonds is still handcuffed.

Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons attack went to the bathroom over the last three weeks and had a negative impact on Tevin Coleman's fantastic production. Coleman saved his fantasy day with a decisive touchdown against the Saints last week, but he had only 23 yards in the 11-touch scrum. Of course, Coleman deserves some responsibility for the team's offensive struggles, as shown by his share of negative points at the top of the rankings.

The good news for Coleman owners is that he is still leading the Atlanta standings and has at least three catches in four straight games. Coleman is still in the weekly conversation on RB2, but he will need Matt Ryan and his company to find the path of difference.

"Judge" Ito Smith was also the victim of Atlanta's offensive malaise. Smith has not scored 30 yards in the past three games and has not scored in this stretch, having found the end zone four times in five games earlier this year . Smith is a RB3 at touchdown or overthrow, even in the best of times, but he loses all semblance of autonomous value when the Falcons are struggling as they are now.

Devonta Freeman is eligible to return from the IR in the 16th week, but it's hard to understand why he should repel him with the Falcons, who have almost all been eliminated from the playoff race.

Ravens of Baltimore
Injured, Alex Collins led the way for Gus Edwards, a scoring sensation, who scored that second consecutive 100-yard performance on Matchday 12. Edwards is a total non-factor in the passing game. The Ravens are a tough team with rookie Lamar Jackson at quarterback. Edwards turns out to be the perfect complement to Jackson, and with a very favorable schedule, Edwards should be able to supply RB2 every week.

Also note that in last week's game, Ty Montgomery finally signed up for his new team, managing 11 passes for 64 yards. Montgomery is not a threat to Edwards' workload, but he will need to be monitored to see if he is ahead of Collins for the number two position. If Montgomery can settle in Baltimore as a pass passer, he could provide some flex value to the PPR formats.

Buffalo Bills
The Bills ended Jacksonville's long-term hopes with a surprising victory on Sunday, but they did so under the legs of quarterback Josh Allen rather than half LeSean McCoy. Allen ran the ball 13 times and lost just under 100 yards, while McCoy had only 46 yards in 17 runs.

Jacksonville is not an easy team to face. It is therefore logical that the Bills try to take the defense by surprise with more than a quarter points than usual. McCoy still has a good dose of touches and remains a low-end RB2, with Chris Ivory as a direct substitute.

Carolina Panthers
What else can we say about Christian McCaffrey? CMac set a franchise record with 237 scrum yards against the Seahawks and became only the fifth player since 2000 to score at least 100 yards and one touchdown as a runner and receiver. With nine touchdowns in the last five games and terrific games tied in three of the last four weeks of the fantastic season (@TB, @CLE, ATL), McCaffrey could end up on several winning streaks this year.

Cameron Artis-Payne only has one reportage all season, but he is handcuffed for McCaffrey's owners.

Chicago Bears
A trip to Detroit on Thanksgiving day might have looked like a Jordan Howard game, but it's Tarik Cohen again who had the best fantastic day. Cohen was higher last week and I will continue to do it, regardless of the fight, as he is simply the best player and the most fit for this attack.

Cohen has not lit the world for some time – his 59 yards against the Lions have been his best since the eighth week – but he has scored six of his last eight games. It's a good RB2, especially in PPR formats. Meanwhile, Howard did not get past the 81 scrimmage yards once this season – and that was week 1. He's been there all season: a touch-dependent RB3 / flex option.

Bengals of Cincinnati
Andy Dalton was placed in IR because of a thumb sprain, but I do not think it will have much impact on Joe Mixon, as I explained in the "10 Things We Learned" section of this week. After two relatively slow games, Mixon has accumulated 155 yards of scrimmage against the Browns on Sunday, and fantasy owners will certainly accept it though most of the production comes from the Bengals facing an insurmountable deficit in the second half. With a favorable schedule for the rest of the season (DEN, @LA Chargers, OAK, @CLE), Mixon could approach the RB1 value even with Jeff Driskel under center.

Gio Bernard has caught just one run for 12 yards against the Browns and is not getting enough work to earn self-worth as long as Mixon stays healthy.

Cleveland Browns
Nick Chubb continued his 200-yard match against Atlanta with 128 yards of scrimmage against Cincinnati, and also scored two touchdowns for the second game in a row. Perhaps the most promising of all, Chubb has been used in the receiving game since the new offensive coordinator, Freddie Kitchens, took office, and Chubb proved he was up to the task. Of course, the clashes were very favorable, but Chubb has done enough in the last two games to show that he would be at worst a high-end RB2, even if he faces tougher defenses.

Chubb's emergent participation in the passing game is not a good sign for Duke Johnson's fantastic viability. After capturing nine assists in Week 9, Johnson has only four and one in the last two games. It's not a very attractive option right now, even in the PPR leagues.

Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott passed 140 yards for the third time in a row for Thanksgiving. After the Cowboys' offensive snap, Zeke is ready to offer a high level RB1 value in the far right. He missed a bit of training time this weekend with hip pain, but it's not going to cost him any action at the game and the Cowboys were probably looking for an excuse to give him a bit of rest.

If Elliott were to suffer a more serious injury, Rod Smith would immediately become a fantastic proponent of sustainability. It's a good handcuff / lottery ticket to hide.

Broncos from Denver
Phillip Lindsay continued to advocate for the resumption of the year 's waiver telegram during Week 12, rushing for a 110 – yard career record and a touchdown in just 14 runs. Lindsay is not going to see a huge workload, especially with the return of Royce Freeman, but he has been incredibly effective on an individual basis and his remaining schedule is magnificent. It is a high-end RB2 that could even approach the territory RB1 later.

As for Freeman, he will see only 5 to 10 touches most weeks and will need a touchdown to be able to offer a RB3 / flex option. Most fantasy teams in the playoffs can do better in their starting lineups.

Detroit Lions
The Lions have not yet announced Kerryon Johnson's status for the 13th week, but it goes without saying that they will not be in a hurry to bring him back. Detroit is already virtually eliminated from the playoffs and can kill two birds with one stone by making sure Johnson is fully recovering from his knee injury while perhaps getting a higher draft pick in April. The fact that the team chose to send Marvin Jones into the casualty reserve is not an encouraging sign for Kerryon owners, who hope he'll be back soon with the playoffs fantastic around the corner.

While Johnson was away for Thanksgiving, LeGarrette Blount pulled back with 20 passes for 103 yards and two touchdowns. It was the first time this season that Blount was over 65 yards in the scrum. He's probably expecting another heavy workload this weekend – and maybe beyond – and the schedule is pretty friendly over the next few weeks. You will never feel very happy about starting Blount, but he is interested in RB3 / flex consideration, especially in non-PPR leagues.

Theo Riddick only saw two races last week, which proves that the Lions do not consider him an option in the run, even though Johnson is out. However, Riddick has captured at least five assists in four consecutive games. He therefore has a certain flexibility appeal specific to PPR, like the equivalent of Willie Snead for half withdrawal.

Green Bay Packers
Aaron Jones continues to be one bright spot as the Packers season revolves around the gutter. Facing a strong Vikings defense, Jones reached 85 yards for his fifth consecutive game and scored his sixth touchdown during that period. Just like Nick Chubb, Jones will have a RB1 value in favorable fights and a high-end RB2 value in the tough – but a trip to Chicago in the 15th week is the only game left to be completed in Jones' schedule.

With 15 to 20 touches per week for Jones, Jamaal Williams has become an afterthought in the Packers offensive. It's nothing more than a handcuff.

Houston Texans
Lamar Miller's resurgence continued in Week 12 as Miller became the first running back to beat a 97-yard touchdown since … Lamar Miller. Outside of a quiet part in Denver during the 9th week, Miller has been excellent recently, having surpassed 100 yards in scrimmage in four of his last five games. Miller was the main beneficiary of the Texans move to a heavier approach, and with a rather favorable schedule, he became a high-end RB2 in time for the fantastic playoffs.

Texans run the ball so often that there is a lot of memory in the memory of substitute Alfred Blue, who has at least 13 in three of the last four games. Nevertheless, Blue has averaged only 3.4 yards per race this season and has only scored one touchdown, so it's not really an autonomous flex option. While D'Onta Foreman is still recovering from his Achilles tear, Blue is Miller's replacement, but other handcuffs are available in most leagues.

Colts of Indianapolis
Marlon Mack had 96 yards on 17 touchdowns against the Dolphins, but he left the game after a concussion and his status for the 13th week is uncertain. If he's able to dress up, Mack deserves a low-end RB2 consideration even though he's facing a brutal showdown in Jacksonville, and even if he misses the match, Mack should be a solid RB2 option for the fantastic playoffs.

If Mack misses Jacksonville, Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins will form a committee in his place. Hines surprisingly surpassed Wilkins's mark of nine to zero last week, but what a team does immediately after an injury is not always a good sign of what it will do with a full week of preparation. The Colts also played back in the fourth quarter, which required the use of overtaking formations more likely to have Hines than Wilkins.

According to past usage, Wilkins expects Wilkins to do a lot of work at the earliest, if Mack stays in place, Hines acting as a smuggler. Both would be questionable flex options given the confrontation.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Leonard Fournette was suspended for the thirteenth week for participating in gun battles with Bills defender Shaq Lawson. Hope you have already won a place in series if you own Fournette. With the way the Jags relied on Fournette as a big cow, it will be a high-end RB1 once it comes back from suspension.

With Fournette this week, Carlos Hyde and T.J. Yeldon will form a committee for Jacksonville. Hyde has recorded 10 races against Buffalo, against only three for Yeldon. In the only other match where the duo played without Fournette in the eighth week, Hyde also beat Yeldon six to two.

The fact that Jacksonville came out and acquired Hyde in the first place suggests that they have reservations about relying on Yeldon as the main ball carrier. So expect Hyde to take on this role this week against Indianapolis, with Yeldon for the start. Yeldon could still end up with more keys given the likelihood that Jacksonville is behind the Colts, but ultimately Hyde and Yeldon are reasonable RB3 / flex options this week.

Kansas City Chiefs / Los Angeles Rams
The Chiefs and Rams were absent last week after their breathtaking Monday night battle, but Kareem Hunt / Todd Gurley remain high-end RB1s and Spencer Ware / Malcolm Brown remain two of the best football lottery handcuffs / handcuffs fantastic.

Los Angeles Chargers
I dominated Melvin Gordon's knee injury in the "10 Things We Learned" section this week. So head over to analyze Gordon's calendar and the fantastic perspectives of Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson.

Miami dolphins
Kenyan Drake had one of his "boom" weeks in Indianapolis, recording 13 touchdowns in 96 yards and two goals. Drake missed a few shots during the match due to a recurrent shoulder injury – and avoid contact in practice for the second week in a row, he is on the right track to play in the 13th week. The ups and downs of Drake's weekly production mean that he's no longer a RB3 / flex than a weekly RB2, but there's no question that he can swing fantastic encounters when he hits .

Frank Gore is also an RB3 / flex option, but of a very different type. He is very consistent but lacks potential. His 15 touchdowns for 77 yards in Week 12 are exactly what you expect from him every week.

Minnesota Vikings
Dalvin Cook delivered three catches for 47 yards and a touchdown for fantasy owners last week, but was totally ineffective on the pitch. He now has 19 passes for 41-yard gains over the past two weeks. So it's no surprise that Minnesota gives Latavius ​​Murray a fresh runner-up after a few good performances early in the season.

I warned several weeks ago that it was unlikely that Cook would provide the RB1 value that he had been instructed to provide, and the last two games only made that strengthen my conviction on this point. Expect committee work to be fair enough, Murray may be able to see more staves in tackles and Cook being used in outboard races and as a catcher out of the backcourt.

Patriots of New England
Sony Michel has had his first workload since returning from a knee injury in Week 10 and has responded with 133 rushing yards. In the third quarter, Michel had a fear of injury and back pain, which seemed potentially serious at first sight, but he eventually returned quickly to the field. James White had a strong day of racing himself – nine runs for 73 yards – but surprisingly he caught a pass for five yards. Note this as a major value.

Michel and White proved earlier in the season that they could both approach the low-end RB1 value while working in tandem, but the comeback of Ointment is the return of Rex Burkhead. Burkhead is in a way a hybrid of Michel and Blanc. He therefore has the potential to steal certain work from the goal line to Michel and some work received from White.

This backfield works great for fantasy owners with two setbacks, but all bets are valid, it becomes a three-man board. For the moment, the owners Michel and White should not exaggerate: they are both confident in the fact that the RB2 remain at worst until proven otherwise, while Burkhead is only an interesting reserve.

Saints of New Orleans
Alvin Kamara had a quiet twelfth week, tied with Atlanta, but still scored 98 yards from the scrum. Kamara did not score, but he has scored 12 touchdowns in the previous seven games, which is not a cause for concern. It is without a doubt RB1.

Mark Ingram also had a slightly disappointing match, only 66 yards in scrimmage despite the friendly. Ingram turned out to be much more a fancy product boom than Kamara. But if you think it will produce the RB1 value half the time and the RB3 value half the time, it installs as a RB2 every week.

New York Giants
Saquon Barkley totaled more than 140 yards and scored several touchdowns for the second week in a row in Week 12. It's just getting started – he's good. Barkley's schedule for the rest of the season is not surprising, but he has nevertheless made his mark in the top five places in the RB debate.

Wayne Gallman remains the handcuff here, but it's fair to wonder if Gallman would be even half as valuable as Barkley if the same opportunity was offered to him. Barkely is a special talent to produce in this way given the context of his team. Gallman is not a terrible reserve, but he is not at the same level as the more sophisticated backups like Spencer Ware and Malcolm Brown.

New York Jets
The Jets continued to share field work equally between Isaiah Crowell and Elijah McGuire in Week 12. Crowell has a slightly better day on fantasy again. This is not a known team to assign designated roles to its half-melters, so expect Crowell and McGuire to remain essentially interchangeable, just like Crowell and Bilal Powell were earlier in the year. Crowell still has a slight advantage over McGuire as an RB3 / flex option, but we hope you do not rely on fantasy playoffs either.

Oakland Raiders
Jon Gruden spoken Jalen Richard during the week as a player capable of producing more than 1000 yards rushing and Of course, once the game started, Gruden immediately went back to "Doug Martin" to represent Oakland's main ball carrier. Richard finished with a race yard and 15 reception yards (not quite at a rate of 1000/1000).

To be honest, Martin did nothing to lose his starting job. He has been very effective in touch-ups since his replacement by Marshawn Lynch and has rushed 72 yards and a touchdown in a tough 12th week match against Baltimore. Martin is still concerned about the regularity of the game – he sees fewer opportunities when the Raiders fail – but he turned out to be a low-end RB2 while Richard is no longer a RB3 / flex specific to PPR.

Philadelphia Eagles
I shared my thoughts on Josh Adams in this week's "10 things" section. So click on for details on Adams, Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood.

Pittsburgh Steelers
In recent times, James Conner struggled to fight and failed to break 100 yards of scrimmage or reach the end zone in the last two games in Jacksonville and Denver. However, Le'Veon Bell does not come back and it is most likely a flash on the radar, which is part of the ups and downs of a fantastic season. Conner remains among the top 10 players for the stretch race, and perhaps among the top five.

The situation regarding Conner's handcuffs remains somewhat confusing, though Jaylen Samuels is the best hiding place in Stevan Ridley. The likelihood that the two would form a committee if Conner was absent makes Samuels a less desirable treasure for lottery tickets than guys like Spencer Ware and Malcolm Brown.

San Francisco 49ers
Matt Breida seems to be in good health for the first time in months, and he is paying big dividends to his fantasy owners. Breida has passed 100 yard rushing yards and 30 passing yards in consecutive games, and is positioning himself as a high-end RB2 for the fantastic playoffs, provided he can stay out of the way of the blue tent.

Alfred Morris was a healthy scratch in the 12th week and should no longer belong to fantastic leagues. After playing the playoffs in San Francisco, it makes sense to take a look at the youngest players, which could explain why unprepared rookie Jeff Wilson served as a substitute at Breida last week. Wilson looked audacious during his audition and he must keep in mind that his past will be remembered, given Breida's history of injury.

Seattle Seahawks
The numbers of the 12th week of Chris Carson do not leave the page, but he found the zone of goals for the third time in his last four games and especially continued to serve as an obvious lead in Seattle. It's a confident RB2 for stretching.

Mike Davis and Rashaad Penny continued to divide their backup duties, meaning that neither the handcuffs nor the handcuffs are clearly addressed to Carson. Both have potential in view of the power of the game running in Seattle, but I generally favor the storage of other backups with a simpler path to a heavy workload.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Peyton Barber did not do much on the ground last week against San Francisco, but he saw 18 races and found the end zone for the second week in a row. Barber will be a RB2 / 3 at the limit as long as he plays the lead role for Tampa. The Bucs may want to see rookie Ronald Jones again, but that has not happened yet. Jones missed his fourth straight game Sunday with a thigh injury.

Tennessee Titans
Dion Lewis has found it difficult to find a race track in the last three weeks, which has resulted in a delay in the production of his fantastic films. As a capable receiver and the most dynamic rider of the Titans, he remains Derrick Henry's favorite fantasy game, but once again it's a fairly equal committee. Lewis might still have some attraction for RB2 in the friendly matches, but he and Henry will only be RB3 / flex types in the toughest.

Adrian Peterson's imaginary fortunes have declined predictably with Washington's decimated attack line, and with Colt McCoy now quarterback, it will be even harder to prevent the defenses from stacking up to block the race. You can still defend Peterson as a low-end RB2 based on volume, but most limited-run teams should not have to rely on him.

Chris Thompson looks set to return after missing six of the last seven games, but it's hard to know what kind of role he will have. Thompson is a dynamic player when he is healthy, but he does not fit well with Washington's conservative and unbridled approach. It is traditionally delivered to fantasy owners on limited touches, but it could be difficult to do on a team ravaged by injuries that will have a hard time scoring points. Thompson is a reasonable hiding place for his imaginable RB2 potential, but expectations must be mastered.

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