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Russell Westbrook Rumors: League leaders view the heat trade as an "inevitability". | Bleacher's report

PORTLAND, OREGON - APRIL 23: Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder No. 0, shoots the ball in the second half of the fifth quarter-final match of the Western Conference against the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs from the NBA 2019 at the Moda Center on April 23, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. The Blazers won 118-115. NOTE TO USER: The user acknowledges and expressly agrees that by downloading and / or using this photo, the user agrees to the Getty Images License Terms and Conditions. (Photo by Steve Dykes / Getty Images)

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Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder's playmaker, could be headed to the Miami Heat before the start of next season.

"The people in the league think it's inevitable that he's going to end up there at this point," said ESPN's Tim Bontemps. He also revealed that the Heat could be the only team "willing to take both the money and Westbrook's personality".

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN previously reported that Miami had expressed interest and that Westbrook would be supportive of the idea of ​​an exchange.

While the most valuable former player has spent his entire career in Oklahoma City, the group now looks downright rebuilding after exchanging Paul George and Jerami Grant.

Moving to the Heat could put him alongside the recently acquired Jimmy Butler, while creating a new candidate for the Eastern Conference.

However, the overall stage contract could be a significant barrier for all teams, including Miami.

Westbrook owes at least $ 38 million each of the next four years, including a $ 47.1 million player option for 2022-23. This is a strong commitment to a player that could limit the flexibility of capitalization for a long time. This could also make it difficult to match wages in any trade.

However, the leader wants to come out and the Thunder is motivated to conclude an agreement, which could force all parties to find a way to do something before the start of next season.

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