Ryan Day can’t coach due to coronavirus protocols if Ohio State Buckeyes play on Saturday

Ohio State Coach Ryan Day, one of many in the Buckeyes program who tested positive for COVID-19 last week, will not be out of isolation in time to train during Saturday’s game at Michigan State whether the Buckeyes are able to play, a school spokesperson confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday.

Monday is the first day, 41, can return if he meets guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the school. Associate Head Coach and Defensive Line Coach Larry Johnson will assume game day coaching responsibilities, but Ohio State’s status remains uncertain.

Ohio State on Friday announced its decision to cancel its game at Illinois and indefinitely suspend all team activities after the program surpassed 7.5% of its positivity rate from the population, defined by the Big Ten as the number of positive individuals divided by the total population at risk. .

On Monday, all players who were not in isolation or in quarantine were able to return to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for small-group training sessions, and all meetings continue to be held virtually. Day is able to participate in virtual meetings.

On Saturday Day said Ohio state would likely have to return to training Thursday and have rigorous practice and a visit Friday to be ready for the Michigan state game.

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