Ryan Reynolds goes deep into Deadpool with his detective marketing Pikachu


We come to a point, as a culture, where we can predict certain things with absolute certainty. Disney will tap every possible penny from its busy library with live cashing. The Oscars will split. And the commercials for Ryan Reynolds projects will have some importance, which is both ridiculous and ridiculous, both ridiculous and refreshing. On Monday, the actor tweeted a supposed behind-the-scenes excerpt of his preparations to make the Pikachu pokemon sound in the next film. Detective Pikachu. Reynolds's solemn description of his method process – including the abandonment of his own children, Pikachu not being a parent, and the attempt to "lose 200 pounds to the waist, up to what doctors are doing "- seems surprisingly familiar.

This approach – sincerely false sincerity, absurdism, Reynolds The Actor's presentation as a deeply committed character in his work – is familiar to us with the many viral marketing stunts and ads leading up to his film. dead Pool movies. It's a personal brand that Reynolds is developing that integrates perfectly with Deadpool – a meta-character who breaks the fourth wall to speak to his audience and is sometimes canonically aware that he is a character cartoon – this sounds a little stranger. Detective Pikachu. On the other hand, it's a welcome break from real action pokemon and an internet horror raging on real action pokemon. (This will be renewed tomorrow, when the new movie trailer falls.)

Presenting himself as an absurdism certainly helped Reynolds personally, as he applied the same tone to other commercials, including spots for his own original line, which, according to this advertisement, is made by scrambling oranges with his own tears and personally excusing juniper berries used in the brewing process. As a personal brand, it's one of the most recognizable and accessible. And now that his real wife, Blake Lively, is involved – in the Detective Pikachu video, she provides some sort of "Ron Howard in Arrested development"Point of view on what Reynolds says – the brand is expanding. Perhaps we could include them in political ads to animate the race for the 2020 presidential election, which unfortunately is already starting.

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