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Ryan Tannehill traded dolphins to titans, upsetting the QB situation in Tennessee

The Miami Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans on Friday afternoon, upsetting the Tennessee quarterback situation and leaving us wondering what's going on in Miami.

The Tannehill agency, SportsTrust Advisors, announced the move on Twitter.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, this agreement implies that the Dolphins get a fourth round pick in 2020 and a seventh round pick in 2019, while the Titans receive Tannehill and a sixth round pick in 2019. For Rapoport, the deal is a one-year, $ 7 million contract guaranteed with a chance to grow to $ 12 million on the basis of playtime incentives.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tannehill has restructured his contract to facilitate the transaction.

Tannehill, in all likelihood, was going to be released by the Dolphins this season, in anticipation of what they might find on the quarterbacks market. Miami thought it would be a player in the Tyrod Taylor draw, but then Taylor went and signed a quarterback save deal with the chargers. Miami was then involved with Teddy Bridgewater, but the former first-round pick has finally chose to return to the saints to save Drew Brees on an agreement similar to what Tannehill receives in Tennessee.

It only remains for us now to ask ourselves what is their plan. Miami's current depth charts are Jake Rudock and Luke Falk. That's, in case you're new here, not ideal. The Dolphins have not really been tied to many quarters in the upcoming NFL draft in 2019, but that's largely because of their choice. Miami is expected to be prepared to avoid taking a quarter in the first round this year to prepare for one in next year's project.

It will be difficult for them to find a starting quarter capable of really helping them to compete in an increasingly difficult division. Maybe they're fine with that?

For the Titans, this is a high-end but smart move. Paying a lot of money for a quarterback has proven to be a viable approach (see: The Eagles and Nick Foles) and that makes sense in the world for the Titans, a team with Marcus Mariota currently positioned as his starter.

Mariota, the former second pick in the NFL draft in 2015, has not necessarily proven herself as a worthy type of contract monster. He also battled injuries for most of his career, and the Titans struggled when Mariota ran out of time. It could be said that Tannehill and he are incredibly similar – both are sporty and precise quarterbacks and their playing style is similar.

From this point of view, it is therefore perfectly logical to act for Tannehill, especially when it does not cost them more than a fourth round choice. The Titans are trying to compete this year and they do not know if they can trust their starter enough to stay healthy, let alone prolong it for a long time. Now, Titans have multiple options, in the short and long term.

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