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The problem facing Kerala now is who is the true believer. Rice, corruption and oil are everywhere. After the awakening and awakening of Ayyappan of Sabarimala, they stood beside the women who were waiting to see him. Let's start with Katmadi Trending News with a problem of faith that Kerala has not yet seen. I pray Sreejith Balakrishnan.

The right to believe and to worship is in this country. Rather, rituals and beliefs should be protected. But no one should show in the name of faith. Nobody should take the court verdict on this. It is the policy of the state government. The government is also obliged to preserve the faith as a practice. But the government must respond to the life and property of women who hang in court. The police walked with women who told them to take care of mountaineers. But before the eighteenth round, everything changed. The partisans, the followers of the higher caste, protested against the shield. The tantri declared that Sabarimala was closed and the hill was running. It's the government too. The court should listen to it and make sure to keep celibacy lost from Ayyappan. Minister Devaswom said that the conscience of the faithful would protect the minds of believers. The government did what it could do. They boarded mountaineers. They beat me and beat me. It can be said that save Kerala from a big community riot. Everyone knows that Sabarimala is not a place to make activists' strength. Tantri said that if the breach was broken, it would be closed and if I said it to the Supreme Court, it would not have happened. But no matter … the fate of women should be executed .. Ayyanappan also believes like Raman.
Ayyappan did not let believe in a group of men who believe in Ayyappa. Whatever you have shown on your behalf as Ayyappa Viswasi, it is violence. In the beginning, the women staged the front and led the demonstration. The police did not show up because the women were at the front of the fight. On the second day, the male lions came in front of the women. The police then showed their color. From one side, the caller from Ayyappan will call the police and pad Pinarayaka from the other side. Peace is the reason for the fight to beat journalists' vehicles and to capture and repress women journalists from the vehicle for Ayyappan. This should be considered as the blessing of Swamiji who attacked the house of women who went to see Ayyappa.

Many malicious rumors emanate from you and me. When Nana Patekar and Mukesh were in the spotlight, they realized that the female diamonds of the Malayalam cinema were holding a press conference. It was a good time to hear. This was confirmed when she came in black dress as a sign of protest against her mother. But there was nothing there. The problem was that when Mohanlal called them actresses and that Dileep was there for nothing. Actor Sidhik and his mother Molya Lalathachechi also held a press conference. The forgotten actress forgot that she was a girl. Siddiqui and Lalitachecchi complained to Amma. The old Jagadish companion diverted the subject from Siddique's excitement. Finally, Siddiqui and Jagadish are in press conference with Mohanlal. They are still only actresses. What is the call to actresses and then actresses? Amma's mother is not silent about the behavior of her own daughter. But one thing is that the children of the mother said. The resignation of Dileep has been requested. There is always a problem, you have to apply for unnamed actresses and resigned. The old fact is that the girls who made the mother's blood, meanwhile, the Bishop of Nice made our own torture bishop Franco Mulakkal prison to the nuns. All rights reserved. Recalling the resignation of the Minister of the Union, Akbar, who was at the origin of the complaint of more than 10 women's dances, Good prayer to all until you see her again next week . .