Sacramento man offers girlfriend at 'American Idol'

When Matt Zavoral appeared behind the black curtains of the "American Idol" scene, his girlfriend did not expect a surprise.

It was not what Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie expected.

Zavoral, born and raised in Sacramento, proposed to Johanna Jones during the last audition of her auditions in the Hollywood Week of the 17th season of "American Idol".

The episode starts Monday night, but if you can not watch, do not worry: Jones said yes. The two men will bond in June after a year, said Zavoral.

The couple has known "for a long time" and Zavoral said he was eager to ask for Jones' hand in the marriage. Jones knew that Zavoral had bought him an engagement ring, and that he was waiting for his proposal.

Although he has an elaborate plan to propose in San Francisco, Zavoral said that he had decided to ask the question in Hollywood when he realized how important the hearing was for Jones.

It was the week of finals at BYU, where Zavoral had studied, but after a few emails to employees of the "American Idol" press, he had a new plan.

"It was two o'clock in the morning and I thought," If I go to five finals tomorrow, I could even make a proposal in Hollywood, "said Zavoral." Johanna has always wanted to be surprised. "

It worked.

"My hair was bothering me and I could not see him coming on stage." When I turned around, I was scared because I was not expecting a person, "said Jones to the surprise . "It took me a few seconds to recognize who he was, and then a few extra seconds to understand why he was there."

When she finally realized that Zavoral was there to make a proposal, Jones said that she was shocked and happy.

"I just remember being so blown away when it came up and, of course, I knew that there would be no other reason to be out there." , she said.

Jones was not the only member of the audience to have been shocked, however. In a video promoting the episode, Katy Perry's cries are heard as soon as Zavoral comes out from behind a black curtain.

No one in the audience or the broadcast team was aware of Zavoral's projects, except for a few producers.

"I did not think Katy Perry would burst into tears like that, and Johanna's mother was screaming at the audience," Zavoral said.

Zavoral said the experience was memorable, not only because Jones said yes, but also because of the star-studded public in the presence of the duo's commitment.

"Lionel Richie hugged me, Luke Bryan stabbed me in the fist and Katy Perry had tears in my eyes on my sweater," Zavoral said. "I do not know how many actors and actresses that can produce so many tears on demand, she sobbed."

Jones and Zavoral have not seen the full video of the engagement, Jones said, but they were eager to watch the episode on Monday.

"I can not wait to see the reaction of our family and judges," Jones said. "Of course, we were there, but I was so focused on what was going on, so I'm excited to see their response."

As for his stint on "American Idol," said Jones, "I will not give anything, but it's going really well."

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