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Sailors gather enough money for a decent gift for Father's Day, a winning series

These days, when I see my father after the seafarers' defeats, the first thing he says, quickly and with a hint of bitterness, is, "I know, I know. Rough draft. He has never been a big fan of miners and does not forget about college baseball – he had a momentary interest when UW participated last year, but even that did not translate later. I'm trying to give names to what can be done with high choices, highlighting how Isaiah Campbell succeeds in the College World Series, or highlighting some of the players who might be among the top ten picks in the year. next. I'm recording videos on my phone to show him Julio Rodriguez, Jarred Kelenic and Logan Gilbert, but, like many other Mariners fans, he remembers too much the damned prospects of the past. All these names are just that: names. He prefers the here and now.

Today, the sailors here and now have kindly offered a gift to my father, and to all others like him: they have gathered their strength and won a series of victories on the road against an objectively better team. Oakland Athletics (although this seemingly better team seems to fight sailors). Mike Leake was very optimistic, only disappearing for two or three cigarette breaks after the brunch, while performing seven sleeves of work during which he erased seven and walked no one. After publishing an ERA around 5am in April and 4.5h in May, Leake dropped to 2.26 for June. Leake is a likely commercial candidate. According to some comments that he has made this season, he seems too happy to leave Seattle for sunnier shores. It is therefore good to see it restore a commercial value after a rather disastrous opening. . Nobody says it to my father, who likes to watch Leake and who appreciates his rhythm of play. On this we agree.

After the A scored two points in the second, the Mariners came back in the game in the third. First place: Austin Nola, a career minor league player, was successful in his first batting match as a great league player, sneaking into hole 3-4. At 29, playing on the road, we do not take the same shower as a young hope, with tons of family in the stands, a special graphics and the nine meters (especially when your younger brother is already a major established). leaguer, I guess). Hopefully Nola will reach a new stage in Seattle so fans can properly celebrate at T-Mobile.

The sailors took a big hit in their offensive production with the departure of Edwin Encarnación, but do not worry, this hole is there to be filled by [checks notes] Mallex Smith?

Mallex's recovery at the plate was, to say the least, encouraging. His streak may have been broken yesterday, but he caught up with two shots today, including the bomb above. Mallex's WRC + dropped from 42 in April to 92 in May, from 108 in June.

Also showing signs of life: Kyle Seager. Seager still has well under 100 APs for the year and was never recognized as a fast starter, but he raised his wRC + to 118 in June and, although he does not really hit the ball in all Domains with authority, he dislikes another-blows on the ground (and even a double opposite) with his traditional RF power.


The basics beat and one against a Lou Trivino in the difficult pitch but the mediocre command, Seager scored a doubled (exit speed of 107 mph) in the right field corner, marking early against Vogelbach, the sharp head. Tom Murphy brought Vogey home on a deep fly, then Dee Gordon tripled but unfortunately failed in third place. It was Dee's triple career triplet; he is sixth among all the major leagues active. The name of Dee continues to surface in commercial rumors, which – even being pragmatic with regard to the future field – makes me very sad, because Dee is good, fun and fun.

It's hard to stand out in the endless parade, but my father is already quickly attached to Austin Adams. He loves the bulldog spirit of AA on the mound and his way of chewing gum, as he might imagine, chewing pasta. There is a good argument to make Adams is the best pen pickup, so in a team where the stops are of little importance, it was nice to see him face the heart of the order. Oakland in the eighth, with Elías. clean the bottom half of the ninth. Adams went on the water from the outset by dropping a 1-2 to Matt Chapman, still boring, but bounced off Matt Olson, Khris Davis and Robbie Grossman to close the frame without letting the score go despite their abandonment. a walk to Mark Canha, a collector of turtlenecks. The Mariners will win their 6-3 win and return to Seattle to face the Royals and Orioles in a seven-game family circuit that will threaten them out of the top ten.

I'm joking, but in the end, I can not blame my father for preferring the here and now, even when it's painful. He is after all someone who has recently seen his father die without seeing the Mariners compete for the greatest honor of baseball during his lifetime. I understand how it feels to watch games knowing that your own baseball observation days are numbered. That's why I'm grateful for days like this, even when they oppose the more general plan of collecting the best talent to launch a sustained offensive against Anaheim's Los Angeles Trutani Angels and MechaAstros. I'm glad my dad has seen all his favorites doing well, while they're still sailors, here and now, today.

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