Saint Paul repents the Ayd Mill ruined road this year after a series of complaints – Twin Cities


Cars travel east on Ayd Mill Road under the overpass of Hamline Avenue. (Pioneer Press Kit: Sherri LaRose-Chiglo)

After a series of public complaints, St. Paul officials announced that they would replenish Ayd Mill Road in ruins and loaded with potholes this season – a project that was not expected to last more than two years.

"Ongoing efforts to repair and maintain the road regularly are expensive and no longer sufficient or sustainable. We can not wait until 2021 to undertake this project, "said Kathy Lantry, Director of Public Works, in a written statement.

The road carries 24,000 vehicles a day and has been warmed in recent years.

But after the winter thaw, residents complained on social media that their disrepair was a danger to the road.

The announcement of the $ 3.5 million project took place after city officials had already released their list of road projects for 2019.

The total budget of the old list of "factories and overlays" was $ 2.7 million, which means that the Ayd Mill project alone will exceed it.

In addition, the city is spending $ 3.5 million to refurbish parts of downtown this year as part of a separately funded special project.

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