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the ballad of richard jewell casting

Clint EastwoodS The ballad Richard Jewell found his first cast member Sam Rockwell. The Oscar-winning actor will play the lawyer who defended Richard Jewell, the safety officer who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Jewell was hailed as a hero at early, when he discovered the device, but his life quickly rocked into hell when the law enforcement forces have designated him as the prime suspect.

Variety announced the news of Sam Rockwell's arrival The ballad Richard Jewell casting, playing the lawyer of the eponymous character. Jewell was working as a security guard at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when he discovered an abandoned backpack containing an explosive device. In the twinkling of an eye, Jewell went from hero to villain:

While law enforcement officials claimed that Jewell had planted the bomb himself and "found" it to become a hero, the city had reopened the park and tried to calm a terrified audience while the True author of the lone wolf was always on the run. Jewell maintained his innocence throughout his career and was finally whitened by the FBI 88 days later, although his reputation has never been restored and his health is never impaired. Became a police officer, Jewell died a few years later of heart failure at the age of 44.

The film, adapted from the story of Vanity Fair by Marie Brenner, will be directed by Clint Eastwood. Billy Ray wrote the script. The project has been in development for a few years and had to be brought together at one time. the wolf of Wall StreetLeonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. DiCaprio was going to play the lawyer character now played by Rockwell, while Hill would play Jewell. However, Eastwood has yet chosen Jewell for his adaptation. Fox was originally supposed to distribute, but after the Disney-Fox deal, the film was transferred to Warner Bros.

Rockwell is an excellent actor, and it's really an interesting story that could make a big movie. My only problem is Eastwood. Do not get me wrong: Eastwood can be a masterful director. But the director's recent films have been rather flat and flawless, and I would probably be a little more excited if a different filmmaker came up on the subject. I cross my fingers to make things happen for the better in the end.

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