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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

Of course, if you have $ 1,000, the Galaxy S10 + is a good choice and you'll love the screen, the cameras and the battery life, three things that matter most to consumers.

But you do not need to upgrade if you have a Galaxy S8 or newer because the changes are probably not worth the cost. If you love your iPhone, stay with that. The Galaxy S10 + does not contain either "essential" functionality that you can not find on an iPhone either.

There are also cheaper versions of the Galaxy S10 + that offer most of the features described previously. The Galaxy S10 "normal" has a slightly smaller screen and a front camera instead of two. It starts at $ 899. There is also the Galaxy S10e, which has less RAM and a flat screen (not curved) to reduce costs. It starts at $ 750. Finally, a version of the Galaxy S10 that can connect to 5G networks will be launched later this year.

This is the history of the family of Galaxy S10 devices. These are fantastic phones with high-end features, but there are not enough things here that will make this phone the must-have of the year. This will not happen until something much better – or affordable – comes up.

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