Samsung Galaxy Watch Active at your fingertips: ready for the gym

For starters, the rotating bezel is gone. This is undoubtedly the biggest aesthetic change here, and I think it's for the better. The Galaxy Watch Active does not really try to be an analog watch this time; With one less control option, it relies heavily on an intuitive scanning interface. A mix of side and side scans helps you move from one function to another. (And maybe it's just me, but that's feels as it runs faster than last year's Galaxy Watch.)

However, there are two buttons left. The upper part acts more like a shortcut for the house, while the second helps to get more precise controls on the screen (think of the numbers). It also serves as a shortcut for wireless payments via Samsung Pay. The two buttons only protrude slightly from the frame, adding to the sleek new design. The 1.1 inch screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and the set is water resistant. As for the Apple Watch, you can long press a button to put it in water resistant mode. At this point, he will be ready to swim.

The watch itself will be available in silver, black, pink gold or ocean green finishes, depending on the country in which you shop. I have managed to manipulate the black and pink gold models and try the new softer plastic wrist straps, which give the device the feeling of being perfectly suited to its primary use: l & # 39; ;exercise.

In terms of features, the Galaxy Watch Active is aptly named, with enhanced fitness tracking features including the ability to monitor blood pressure and stress levels. This is in addition to the heart rate monitor we saw on the old Galaxy smart watches. The blood pressure monitoring system is associated with a mobile app to help you monitor your stress level. When you feel the pressure, the device displays breathing exercises and other appeasement techniques. The stress of a Samsung event was apparently not enough to trigger it, at least not during my time with him.

For workouts, the new shape tracking features will now detect several relatively simple exercises like running, cycling and rowing. For other tasks, you can manually choose from 39 activities, according to Samsung. After some superficial research, it seems that these include pumps, burpees and even benches. Simple icons allow you to exchange your four most common sports or exercises.

Of course, the Galaxy Watch Active may not change the game, but it is a sophisticated attempt at intelligent fitness monitoring. (And as a person who uses an Apple Watch primarily for fitness tracking, this approach seems logical to me.) Although the stumpy bezel could have been Samsung's USP notebook, I'm not sure that many were buying it. A sporty and elegant makeover could have a better chance.

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