Samsung makes the same mistakes as Apple with its new phones

Instead, Samsung launched phones with more colorful displays, under-the-screen fingerprint readers, and a fun feature that allows you to charge wireless headphones by placing them in the back of the phone. phone. Do not get me wrong, but why would a user of a Galaxy S8 with a screen and facial recognition already enjoyable want to spend $ 850 or $ 999 extra for these upgrades? They are not convincing enough for consumers to spend that money.

There is also a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that promises faster data speeds, but its launch is not expected before the second quarter. We also did not understand why faster data speeds would greatly improve our experience besides downloads. When the LTE phones came out, we could suddenly make video calls and play music. This made them indispensable. What 5G will add that will really make consumers need a phone that supports it?

We found a similar delay of innovation with the new iPhones. Screens became larger, processors faster and cameras slightly improved. All the features are great! Millions of people have still bought them, but less than in the past and not in the markets where Apple needs to catch up, as in China. All I have heard is that all I have heard is complaints about the excessive cost of new iPhones.

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