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Samsung releases Ethereum, the SDK beta blockchain, for the latest Galaxy smartphones

In Samsung's latest move into crypto, the electronics specialist has put the beta version of its blockchain SDK for the Ethereum blockchain available to partner developers. The kit provides additional tools for Dapp and mobile blockchain development on the latest Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung announced that the beta version of its blockchain software development kit (SDK) was available to partners requesting quick access to tools. The kit represents the next step in Samsung's campaign to Ethereum feature on its Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, S10 5G and Galaxy Fold smartphones. The company said in May that it would also expand cryptography functions to budget-limited phones in its lineup.

In more detail, the SDK provides developers with ways to manage user accounts, authorize digital signatures for transactions, and manipulate transaction data. The kit also allows developers to connect to external cold portfolios, such as Trezor or Ledger devices.

Those who achieve partner status with Samsung also benefit from the additional features of the kit. Partners will have access to a "specialized blockchain browser" for web applications, which will offer cryptographic payment features and tools to easily estimate fees using real encrypted exchange rates.

In addition, partners will be able to extract the transaction history from the blockchain block server node. "We do not know if Samsung is running its own Ethereum node or using a service provider.

These features will reduce the cost of creating APP applications on supported mobile devices, Samsung said.

This decision follows on from other Samsung developments in cryptography. In February, Samsung announced that it will support the storage of cryptocurrency keys.

The feature would use an approved runtime environment, a secure area inside the main processor of the phone, that would allow the device to more securely manage private data in the blockchain. As Samsung said, this feature would offer "impenetrable security, as never before, by protecting it from data leaks, malware or other threats."

In June, CryptoSlate also announced that Samsung is manufacturing some of the most advanced Bitcoin software. mining chips since 2018.

The official version of the blockchain SDK will be announced by the end of 2019, according to the company. Developers who want to quickly access the beta can apply for partnership status with Samsung.

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