The Galaxy S10 is a great phone, but it's not without flaws. In fact, one of the main features is not very good. The ultrasonic sensor built into the Samsung screen is often slow and imprecise. It attempts to remedy this problem by implementing a new firmware fix. We do not know if the sensor is Actually better, but at least Samsung is trying.

The update of the fingerprint sensor firmware has been identified as an update of the Samsung biometric module in the Galaxy Store. There is no way to trigger this update manually, so it's a pending game. Users who have received the update report that their sensors are noticeably faster. The placebo effect is however a real problem with these reports.

Separately, a new system update is being deployed on the devices. It runs north of 500 MB and includes March security patches. We can not rule out that Samsung has incorporated the fingerprint sensor enhancements into this OTA. After installing the update on a Galaxy S10 +, I can not say that I have noticed substantial improvements. Your mileage may vary, but do not hope.