Samsung Supercharges Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Fitness and Health Focus

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has received a lot of updates over the past six months, and it’s ready to receive a whole new set of new features.

Far from ditching the smartwatch in favor of the new Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung seems determined to keep its older, cheaper, and sportier smartwatch a compelling buy.

The update is arriving in South Korea first, but is expected to arrive worldwide at any time.

Automatic exercise detection now starts up faster, making it even more useful for tracking workouts. This will apply to both running and elliptical workouts.

Sleep tracking has been improved, with more data for users to review after they wake up. However, what this data will be is not entirely clear.

A handwashing timer has been added so users can verify that they are enjoying a full 30 seconds of anti-virus hygiene.

And Samsung Health has been updated to allow users to participate in fitness challenges against their friends and family.

Finally, a functionality to find my smartwatch has been added via SmartThings.

It’s a big feature update, and it’s great to see that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still supported. At the end of last month, the company added a number of features to the Galaxy Watch 3, including ECG and blood pressure detection.

With all of these great features, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 fetching a price tag under £ 200 and regularly getting decent deals, it’s still one of the most recommendable devices for Android users.

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