Samsung will launch a Galaxy A device every month until June 2019

The Samsung Galaxy A8S. Samsung

Xiaomi has managed to kill a lot of very cheap smartphones at an almost incessant pace. Whether it is the publication of an authentic Xiaomi device or device through its sub-brand Redmi, it seems that every month we talk from one or more new Xiaomi devices.

Samsung seems to have finally noticed how this strategy has worked very well for Xiaomi in countries like India and is starting to pull it off.

Ranjiv Singh, marketing director of Samsung India, recently revealed to Economic time Samsung will launch a Galaxy A series device every month by June 2019. The Galaxy A lineup is Samsung's entry-level lineup, now that the Galaxy J series has been phased out.

It is possible that some of these future Galaxy A devices may be launched in countries other than India, but this country is the focus of concern.

According to Singh, Samsung's goal is to generate $ 4 billion in revenue on the Galaxy A line this year.

The other range of cheap smartphones from Samsung is the Galaxy M line, which differs slightly from the Galaxy A line in that you can only buy M devices online. Galaxy A devices will be available in physical stores as well as in online retail outlets.

The price of Galaxy A devices en route will vary considerably, ranging from Rs. 10,000 (about $ 140) to Rs. 50,000 (about $ 700). There will probably be at least one device powered by Android Go.

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