Samsung will not abandon Android tablets, announces the Galaxy Tab S5e


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Android tablets have fallen far behind the iPad in terms of support and availability of applications – Google has not even released a tablet since 2015. This has not prevented Samsung to deploy an occasional slate powered by Android. The very high-end Tab S4 arrived last year and Samsung now has a new mid-range tablet: the Galaxy Tab S5e at $ 400. It's not as fast, but it's remarkably thin and light.

The S5e Tab is almost identical to the S4 Tab with an OLED 2560 × 1600 10.5 inches. Samsung is the only manufacturer to make tablets with OLED, and they have a fantastic look. However, the S5e tab will not work with the company's S Pen, which comes with the S4 tab. Even if you buy an S pen separately, the S5e tab does not have a digitizer to activate the pen.

Samsung is also talking about the speakers of the tablet. Four of them support Dolby Atmos. He managed to integrate these four speakers into an incredibly thin 5.5mm metal chassis. The entire tabletSEEAMAZON_ET_135 View Amazon AND Trade weighs only 400g. Making the tablet as thin also has a disadvantage: there is no headphone jack. You can at least use the included 3.5mm C-type adapter to connect your headphones if you're not a fan of Bluetooth.

The Galaxy Tab S5e will run on a Snapdragon 670 chip (the Tab S4 is an 845), which is one of Qualcomm's "high-end" mid-range models. It has eight processor cores Kryo 360 clocked at 2 GHz and a graphics processor Adreno 616. There is also a battery of 7,040 mAh, 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. It divides the difference between budget tablets in the range of $ 200 and the S4 tab to $ 650. It will also ship with Android 9 Pie.

Samsung has also provided DeX with this tablet. This means that you can use a desktop interface to use applications in Windows. This helps a bit with the lack of apps for tablets on Android, but DeX is less tactile. Samsung also warns that the S4 tab is more suited to intensive multitasking. It will still sell you an expensive keyboard dock for the S5e tab if you wish.

The real question is whether Samsung will see traction with this device compared to the iPad. You can get the Apple tablet for only $ 329 now, and the ecosystem of applications clearly favors Apple on the side of the tablet. We will know when the Galaxy Tab S5e will be launched in the second quarter of this year.

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