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I am still waiting for Samsung to stop offering the inflated prices that they made available a few weeks ago as part of the Galaxy S10 throw, but we are with them still live. Not only that, but the latest wave of discounts is a buy, get one free (BOGO) with Verizon or AT & T.

$ 550 rebate in exchange

To recap quickly – Samsung will give you an instant $ 550 rebate on your Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + or Galaxy S10e purchase today if you redeem some phones. The $ 550 phones include the Galaxy S9 line, the 9 note, the 8 note, an iPhone group and the Pixel 3. If you do not have one of these semi-current phones and you have another way to worry because they will give you $ 300 off for a Pixel 2 XL, a Galaxy S8, etc.

Please note that since Samsung is giving you the discount on your exchange today, you must send your phone as proof after receiving your new Galaxy S10. They will include all instructions to do so. It's a very simple process that we have done here a number of times here at DL.

AT & T and Verizon BOGO

For BOGO products, AT & T and Verizon offer a form of free phone agreement. Verizon will ask you to purchase an S10, S10 + or S10e and will then give you a credit of $ 750 to apply to another. This will cover the cost of a S10e, but will leave you money on an S10 or S10 +.

For the Verizon case, you can upgrade to one of the phones. The free phone will however have to be on a new line.

At AT & T, it's a similar agreement to Verizon's, with a new line requirement. However, they seem to leave BOGO with all Galaxy S10 phone combinations. They will save you up to $ 1,000 on the second phone through the Samsung store. The AT & T site, for what it's worth, is just a $ 750 BOGO credit like Verizon.

The $ 550 discounts and BOGO offers can not be combined, just for you to know.

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