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Samsung's second attempt at Galaxy Fold may have been seen in the wild – BGR

The manufacturing is apparently underway, finally, for the second test of Samsung with the Galaxy Fold smartphone, which has failed dramatically. Its launch in April had to be canceled. According to sporadic reports, Samsung has not given up its willingness to launch its first foldable handset – that components will soon be delivered, with an expected release towards the end of the year.

In another sign, the company seems serious about a new test, it seems that public tests are underway, a Galaxy Fold having been spotted in the wild.

While Samsung has remained a bit suspicious about when a new device will finally start being shipped, SamMobile published a photo of what appears to be a man riding in the New Delhi subway, the capital of India, using a Galaxy Fold.

Source of the image: SamMobile

That follows from the recent revelation, by Samsung Electronics CEO, DJ Koh, during a press presentation, that more than 2,000 Galaxy Fold units are being tested just a few days ago. During this same meeting, Koh would also have accused the first version of the Galaxy Fold to be such a mess, also offering a mea culpa business quite rare.

"It was embarrassing," Koh told attendees about what happened in April. "I pushed him before he was ready. I admit that I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are recovering. "

The last wait for the availability of the phone finally takes place during the "crucial holiday season". It was then that Samsung said it wanted to install the phone in stores and that people familiar with the subject explained. Bloomberg Samsung is about to finalize production of a commercial version of the foldable product, but has not yet chosen a specific release date. So, although the phone is not expected at Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 event next month, it looks like it's still coming, and it will not be much longer.

Source of the image: Samsung

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