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Samsung's Super Night Shot camera update also arises on the Galaxy Note 9

It can not be denied that Huawei has opened the doors with its AI-assisted nighttime regime that takes a little time to assemble several exhibitions with the resulting photo a lot

lighter than if you shoot normally. Google has perfected it, however, with its dedicated Night Sight camera mode that takes a lot longer to do the same thing.
Last spring, Samsung had recently introduced a similar option, the Super Night mode, but it was part of the night scene mode in its scene optimization function that recognizes up to 30 different subjects and situations and adjust the camera accordingly. This means that it's automatically turned on when the phone has decided that the conditions required it and that you could not use it at will.
Recently, however, Samsung introduced a significantly improved version of the Super Night Shot mode, which can be activated manually, and even brought it back to the S9 family. Where does this leave the Galaxy Note 9? Not neglected, of course, since the Galaxy Club reports that this puppy also receives the update of the June camera with all the improvements made to Night Shot.

Certainly, even if this autonomous update of night shooting has not yet been extended to all models of the world, at least that of the Note 9 is not shouting from far Asia, but from Germany , where the firmware in question bears the mention N960FXXU3CSF9 with that the scanning of QR code automatic thingy too.

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