Samuel L. Jackson says that he was "inspired" by none of the Dems 2020, reveals who he wants to run


Samuel L. Jackson said he was "inspired" by none of the Democrats who ran for president, but said he would still want one to join the 2020 race.

During his appearance on Monday night in "The Late Show", Jackson reacted to an excerpt from his appearance in the June 2016 issue in which he had suggested to viewers that, if Brexit could happen in the UK United, Donald Trump could be elected president.

"I do not want to be right," exclaimed Jackson. "I was hoping that I was trying to be funny … I really hoped people would go to vote and I hope they 'll vote now because they' re going to vote. they now know what can happen. "

Stephen Colbert, host of "Late Show", then asked the star of the "Avengers" if one of the 2020 candidates "floated his boat".

"Not yet," Jackson replied. "I just was not inspired by what everyone is trying to do, for example, prove, no matter."

Jackson, however, suggested one person he would like to join the Democratic primary: Georgia's former governor candidate, Stacey Abrams.


"I wish someone in my mind was as friendly with people as Stacey Abrams was running," continued the Hollywood icon, garnering applause from the liberal public.

"But I definitely vote with the Resistance, no matter what happens, no doubt about it."

Abrams is considering a presidential candidacy after becoming a star among Democrats from 2018. She even suggested that she could participate in the run in the fall.


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