San Antonio vs. Golden State, final result: The Spurs survive Warriors, 111 – 105


The Spurs resisted a furious Warrior team and a furious gathering of the Warriors to remain the NBA's most successful team. Behind a good defense and limited business numbers to build a double digit lead from the start, the Spurs girded themselves on every turn as they still felt like the Warriors were going to explode at any moment. DeMar DeRozan led the offensive in the far right and kept fond memories of the start of the DeRozan season, which would close the games for the Spurs.

Sometimes, the reality of the Warriors 'return became prophetic as a result of the Spurs' poor transitional defense and offensive turnarounds that allowed the Warriors to draw and threaten to break up late in the third quarter. Both Klay Thompson and Steph Curry looked unstoppable, but the nice players won and continued to defend the defense hard to force the Warriors to stay in a sustained offensive rhythm. LaMarcus Aldridge ruined 23 points and 13 rebounds while DeRozan beautifully slipped the game on the right path and led all players with 26 points.

The Spurs have chosen the right moment to reach their peak and play team basketball. Tonight, they fought against the defending champions.

Observations without purpose:

  • Andrew Bogut debuted with the Warriors since his departure in 2016. He has spent a lot of things since 2016. They now serve fast food at the White House!

  • The Spurs had their regular season players available while the Warriors were without DeMarcus Cousin and Andre Iguodala due to an injury and proactive dental care, respectively.
  • Derrick White was very aggressive with the ball and that paid off for the second-year phenomenon.

  • The playoffs were up to 99% because, while the Spurs were doing everything in their power to keep the Warriors behind a raging crowd, the visitors waited until the local team got together. shows thoroughly to take the advantage.
  • The Spurs have mainly played a good defense in this game because of their active hands and several diversions of passes.
  • The attack of the warriors has continued to come. Steph Curry in the 3rd quarter then Klay Thompson took his turn on the 4th.
  • Davis Bertans struggled throughout the night but waited until the end to win the most important title.

  • Speaking of three, if DeMar DeRozan does not score, I love his help for the maintenance of the team, which allows him to find his teammates for the three open.
  • Kevin Durant had trouble all night, which explains his 24 points of "pedestrian".

Give next time:

San Antonio finishes their four games against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 19:30.

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