Sandra Bullock makes his university studies a show on Amazon


Photo: Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

One of the good things about celebrity is that everyone assumes that your whole life has been interesting, which opens the door to obvious profit-making schemes, such as book contracts and biopics, but a relatively underused to tell the very important and unique life of a celebrity. story is a fictional sitcom about the famous person when they were young – like Everyone hates Chris and probably something else. Sandra Bullock is the last famous person to have joined this legacy. She collaborates with Akiva Goldsman and John Legend on a "comedy drama" for Amazon, "loosely inspired by" her university studies.

This comes from Variety, which does not indicate where Bullock went to college, but a Google expert told us it was East Carolina University in North Carolina (not to be confused with West Carolina University, Carolina South). trash can). What Variety says that the show will take place "in the southern United States in the 1980s", focusing on a "dark and disproportionate young woman" who "defies expectations and exposes her search for love, the community and its identity "clean. "The show itself will probably not get into that, but you will never guess who will become this dark and offbeat young woman, or a trashy sports film for which she will win an Oscar.

Whatever it is, the real Bullock is the executive producer of the show, with K.C. Perry writing, so it looks like she's not directly involved in this show about her life.


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