Sara Khan reaction on her bathroom viral video

Sara Khan reaction on her bathroom viral video

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  1. Porn movie bnao mery jaan

  2. Bht bada Wala Mirchi laga dono ki dono joker ko islye ayi ladnai pagl log…sala englsh to dhang s bol lti fuck offf

  3. Itna hi jyada nasha chada hai famous hone ka to porn actress bn jao . Ass hole

  4. Chutya coke queen whores of Lokhandwaka

  5. Puri bakwas sade muh wali ha

  6. Dono bahan bakwas ha fully time pass

  7. Chinal hindi bol india mai hai tu tera pakistan nhi hai smjhi tu

  8. Okay lesbian we got your point we got your point baby unbelievable you lesbian holy s***

  9. Cheap public city u try Sharm Karo Kuch Sara Khan 2 bhene pr bhi bura asar padega Tumhra seme on you

  10. Fuck off… You fucked English

  11. May allah (swt) show her the right path. Doing what you want and what you think is right dosen't make it right. Take a look at yourself before you tell people to stop commenting on you. You put yourself out there doing cheap things then you have a problem when anyone says things you dont like. You look for attention and when you dont get the kind of reaction you want you justify it with bad english and saying you will do want you want. Great justification. Obviously you care what people think otherwise tou wouldn't make this video. Simple!

  12. ???iski behen kyun gardan ghuma rahi hai joker

  13. Yeah I saw some good things.Its HUGE and BIG .

  14. kuch to sharam karo muslim hoke aise harkate

  15. English bolte problem hole Hindi bolte paro.ato jokhon kharap lage bathroom video ki kore viral hoy amader to viral hoy Na

  16. Sara, u are the devil weapon.?

  17. Randi hai tu to…
    tujhe bura क्यों लगेगा…
    मूलली =randi

  18. Abe randi hindi me bat karna bhosdi ki tu hindustani hai k nahi

  19. Ooo ho ho she is Lil one…even lil one have knowledge abt…what to share and what not to share…and she is not that lil…sorry…u made mistake…u ll pay for it…not only Muslim even Hindus don't appreciate what ur lil one did….??