Sara Khan viral video on social media | आखिर कैसे ट्ट हो गया सारा खान का वीडियो


Sara Khan viral video on social media | आखिर कैसे ट्ट हो गया सारा खान का वीडियो

Sara Khan viral video on social media | Sara Khan video of how he was posted

The nude video of actress Sarah Khan and her sister Aayera Khan made headlines. In fact, this video was put online by Sarah's sister, Airera, in which the two sisters were looking to enjoy the bath. Although, after realizing the mistake, Airera immediately deleted this video, but by that time it had become viral on social media. After that Oops moment, Sarah told in an interview with an English web portal that after all this happened.
Sara said, "The video with my tub becomes viral, I got to know her. At the moment, I am traveling with my family and we all enjoy the sisters. In the bathtub with her sister, I do not think there is anything wrong. "Sara continued to say- It was accidentally downloaded to my sister Ayaara. He was drunk at that time. But as soon as we learned to know it, we immediately deleted it. I do not think anyone's feelings would have been hurt by this video. & # 39;
Post a video and remove it later, it was not a publicity stunt. On this question, Sara said, "Why will I do stunt advertising? My family, friends and fans know me well. He will never judge me from a video. Whatever it is, all this happened by mistake. I do not want to advertise these chips. I have enough to talk about my job only. & # 39;
The television actress Sarah Khan, who is seen in television series as' Sapna Babul Ka … Bidayai & # 39; and & # 39; Ram Milee Jodi & # 39; is 29 years old. On August 6, 1989, Sara was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. In 2007, she played on the small screen of the popular show "Star Sapna Babul Ka … Bidayai".
In 2010, Sarah Khan was confronted with controversy when she married co-nominee Ali Merchant at the Big Boss-4 reality show. However, after a year, the relationship broke down. A close friend of the two had revealed that they had received 50 Rs lakhs for this wedding, but the chain had denied that they had married her because of Sarah and Ali's wishes. was. At the same time, Ali Merchant had stated in the reality show "The Face of Truth" that he was married solely for advertising and that it was the largest mistake of his life.

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