Sarah Huckabee Sanders announces to Fox News that Ann Coulter has "no influence on this White House"


In the midst of President Donald Trump's efforts to fund a border wall along the US-Mexican border, conservative commentator Ann Coulter repeatedly expressed her frustration through social media and in interviews about decisions made to the White House.

"It's not Paul Ryan's fault, it's not Mitch McConnell's fault, Trump ran AGAINST the GOP and won, the responsibility is total," Coulter said on Twitter shortly after Trump said a national emergency linked to the wall.

Shortly after, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave an interview to Dana Perino of Fox News, who asked if Coulter and other conservative commentators had any influence on the decisions made by Trump and the White House.

"Honestly, I do not think Ann Coulter has an influence on the White House, or much of anything," said Sanders. I do not think she did it before the president became president. I do not think she's doing it now. I just do not see her as an influential voice in this country, and certainly not in this building. "

Sara Huckabee Sanders White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaks with reporters after a TV interview with FOX News in front of the White House on January 23, 2019 in Washington, DC DC. After the Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association declared that the partial closure of the federal government – at its 33rd day – made it difficult for them to do, Sanders said that President Trump was working on the country's security by demanding a wall to keep drugs and reduce human trafficking. Picture of Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In response, Coulter retweeted part of Sanders' quote, adding, "Correct – and I want it to be memorized." I had no influence on the Titanic captain, the Hindenburg or 9/11 operators. / 2001 Terrorism Prevention Team. "

The allegation that Trump would be too influenced by conservative commentators comes after CNN's Cuomo who said Thursday during Cuomo Prime Time that the president do what Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, says.

"He has Hannity and [Ann] Coulter and all those people in his head all the time, without paying rent from elsewhere, "said Cuomo during an interview with Florida's representative, Matt Gaetz, about funding the border wall .

Gaetz told Cuomo that he was "casting" on Hannity, to which Cuomo said that Hannity was a friend to him, but that he was "incredibly persuasive and powerful".

"Without a doubt the most powerful person in the media because what he says, the president does it. Not the opposite, "said Cuomo.

John Berman, CNN's host New day, made a similar claim to Cuomo on February 12 after Hannity called the $ 1 billion "border on waste" allocated to the border wall in a bipartisan bill and condemned all the Republicans who supported it.

"Now we do not know that the president will sign," said Berman. "We make know that the co-chair does not like it. Sean Hannity called it a "rubbish compromise". "

Fox News's Juan Williams also said that conservative commentators and journalists had an influence on the president during the January 17 edition of the The story with Martha MacCallum.

"I'll tell you what you should do," Williams told MacCallum and contributor Karl Rove. "You should go listen to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter because they are running this government, and they have forced that president into a trap."

Williams' comments came after Trump changed his stance on removing funding from the wall to end the government shutdown that was going on at the time he spoke. Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter all criticized Trump for considering ending the closure without getting money for the wall. The president then reversed the situation and said he wanted $ 5.7 billion to build the barrier.

Pennsylvania's representative, Ryan Costello, who retired from Congress on Jan. 3, also said Trump had "fallen into line" after Hannity and "a few others shouted" for funding the wall.

Hannity and Trump would have a close relationship that includes regular phone calls. On Friday, while he was speaking in the Rose Garden to declare a national emergency, Trump said the Fox News host was "a tremendous supporter of what I'm doing".

However, Trump added that support for his political views.

"If I change my mind, he will not be with me anymore," said the president.

Trump also praised Limbaugh, calling him "a good guy" with "one of the largest audiences in the history of the world".

The president added that conservative commentators do not influence his policy and that he hardly knows Coulter.

"They do not decide politics. In fact, if I am in front, I mean that they have someone, Ann Coulter. I do not know her. I hardly know her. I have not spoken to him since … a lot more than a year, but the press loves to say "Ann Coulter". Probably if I spoke to her, she would be very nice, I just do not have time to talk. to her, said Trump. "I like her so well, but she is not on the reserve, but everyone who knows her understands it. But I did not talk to him. I'm not here. I do not talk to her, but the press likes to mention Ann Coulter's name, and you know what, I think she's fine, I think she's good, but I just do not talk to her. "

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