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A day after CBS News aired Gayle King's hearing with the musician and accused of sex predator R. Kelly, Saturday Night Live delivered its own interview of the interview.

On March 9, at the big night of the NBC show skits, distribution actress Leslie Jones starred King and Kenan Thompson, actress, Ken. Thompson like Kelly said that "people think he is a kind of monster" and he wanted to do the interview to "remove all doubt".

"My lawyer was saying no, but my ego – my ego was saying yes," he said, before asking Jones, as king, to call him "victim" instead of his first name. .

The skit covered the charges against Kelly, including that he "likes to rank first," "has a harem of girls" and "has launched a sect".

"Listen, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. Maybe I can not read, write, or do math, "he said.

When asked about the Lifetime docuseries that starred men of Kelly's life accusing him of the same thing, the lights got warmer and an orchestral score was made. 39 is installed. Thompson began to sing, "It's 10 am and I'm talking to Oprah's friend. If I can just get through that, everyone will love me again. "

He also sang about having to "change direction" and "regain sympathy" after Jones, while King, asked him why he owed so much to the children's support. He claimed to be broke and then asked if they were to keep certain things for the interview. When Jones as King pointed out that the interview was going on, he noticed the cameras for the first time, saying, "You just keep your cameras in the open like that? You are all monsters. "

In the end, he relied on the fact that anyone could launch a rumor about a celebrity by pressing a button on his phone and saying "R. Kelly did that – and then attached a video of me, and people will believe you. It's scary. "

"I really want to laugh now but I can not tell if it's a joke on you or a joke on me," said Jones as King.

Thompson as Kelly implored Jones, as king, to "think for a moment" about why he would do the things he was accused of. "I gave you" trapped in a closet "," Feelin "on Yo Booty," Age is nothing but a number "and many other clues, and that's how you will repay me !?

Watch some excerpts from the cold March 9th below:

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