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Save on Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio

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Prime Day is your chance to save some serious money on top brands such as Samsung (photo) and LG.

Prime Day is your chance to save some serious money on top brands such as Samsung (photo) and LG.

Image: Samsung

TL; DR: Prime Day 2019 has a monstrous collection of, allowing you to save up to $ 1,000 on Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio TVs and more.

Amazon did do not come and play with Prime Day TV offers this year, which means you have no excuse to have a crappy TV – or to complain about shows.

The 4K TVs are one of the most anticipated items of the shopping party, and Prime members have been waiting for the summer to finally be able to pull the trigger of this great purchase by an adult. (Deposit $ 1,000 seems more justifiable on the first day, right?) S


43- to 86-inch TVs are on display, including Samsung QLED and "The Frame", Sony X900F and Vizio P-Series Quantum.

Do you have to wait for Black Friday to buy a TV?

Nah. As for Prime Day 2018, you can somehow assume that Prime Day offers are just as good – sometimes better. This is probably the most expensive thing you will buy during Prime Day. It is therefore essential to weigh your options closely. To speed up your comparisons before popular models are sold, we've split the offers by size and ordered them by price. Here are our favorite offers:

Something specific to the mind? Find more options below and do not forget to check here the best TV deals during the 48 Hour Prime Day.

40 inches and over

50 inches and more

60 inches and over

  • – $ 699 (current price $ 1,399)

  • – $ 849 (list price: $ 1,245)

  • – $ 1,096.99 (regular price $ 1,499)

  • – $ 1,297.99 (list price $ 1,797.99)

  • – $ 1,189.99 (list price $ 1,499.99)

  • – $ 1,396.99 (list price $ 1,999)

  • – $ 1,498 (regular price $ 1,698)

  • – $ 2,297.99 (list price $ 2,799.99)

70 inches and over

80 inches and over

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