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following ScaleboundAt the 2014 Xbox E3 press conference, the Platinum Games developer role-play game was delayed and canceled, causing disappointment among the myriad of Xbox One fans. It is worth noting, however, that if the information in a new report is accurate, the Xbox One exclusivity, once canned, is reactivated as a Nintendo Switch version only.

According to a set of anonymous sources from the Nintendo Insider online store, while Scalebound is about to start on the switch, we still do not know if the development resumes or not since its origin or if it has been completely restarted. Again, if these details were legitimate, it could very well be the title that Game Informer once declared to be "dead" and on which Nintendo is working.

In addition to the Nintendo Insider report, it should also be mentioned that the journalist and former IGN editor, Alanah Pearce, was informed in June 2018 by a "credible enough" source that, despite its cancellation, Scalebound would always receive a release at some point on the line. The only detail it has received with respect to the supported platforms is that it would not launch an Xbox One exclusivity.

For those who did not know, Microsoft had in fact renewed the brand for Scalebound after stopping production on the action-RPG game, but apparently she quickly had to abandon the deposit, the company not being able to indicate what it would use the Mark. That said, it seems that Nintendo could play the role of the new publisher of the Platinum Games project to revive the title and launch it for Switch.

In view of all of the above, the potential revivification of Scalebound because an exclusive Nintendo Switch would surely delight those who hoped that the title is born once again. Unfortunately, it could eventually pour more salt into the plague of Microsoft fans hoping for an exit on Xbox One. Naturally, however, neither Platinum Games nor the Big N having confirmed ScaleboundFor now, we will have to wait to see if the rumors are true.

Scalebound has not yet been officially announced as being in production yet again.

Source: Nintendo Insider, Alanah Pearce – Twitter

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