Schefter: The Vikings attempted to trade Anthony Barr for the last season off


While the free agency period in the NFL starts in just two weeks, the Minnesota Vikings still have a decision to make regarding linebacker Anthony Barr and his potential future as a member of the team. Today, a respectable source told us that they had spent at least part of the last season trying to make the decision of someone else.

At the time of Paul Allen's broadcast on KFAN today, Adam Schefter, an ESPN NFL insider, reported that the Vikings had attempted to trade Barr latest off season, while he was playing for the fifth season of his rookie contract.

Here is Schefter's silver quote:

"I would be really surprised if he's back in Minnesota. I'll come back to last year at that time. I thought he understood that he preferred to be on the west coast of California. From what I understood, they would be open and receptive to the offers that would be offered to them. Nothing is materialized. I was waiting for it to be exchanged before the draft … that did not happen, but considering the way things went and what I heard behind the scenes, I'd be surprised that he's coming back [in Minnesota]. "

I think it's something Vikings fans have been waiting for a while. In the last season, Barr saw players like Danielle Hunter, Eric Kendricks and Stefon Diggs all get big money extensions while he was left out. Knowing what we know now. . that the Vikings tried to sell it before the start of the 2018 season. It makes a little more sense now.

Barr has had a decent career in Minnesota and has been an integral part of the Vikings' defense since his rookie season. At this point, however, as Schefter says, I would be pretty surprised that Barr is back with the Vikings in 2019. The Vikings are coming up against the current cap, and if he really wants to play on the West Coast, he There are two teams with a ton of workspace that will allow him to run and give him the role he seems to want to play.

So, if you were hoping that Anthony Barr will be back with the Vikings next season. . sorry to burst your bubble, but for now I do not see it.

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