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Schumer is very sorry to have to vote on the Green New Deal

TThe decision of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., To force the vote on the absurd proposal of the Green New Deal defended by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., and Senator Ed Markey, D-Mass., Is to have what I suspect is its intended effect. This makes the Democratic leaders ridiculous. This leaves them no choice but to denounce McConnell for voting on a proposal made by members of their own caucus.

The Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., for example, complained on Wednesday that McConnell would lower himself so low that he was going to force the vote on a bill drafted by a Democratic Senator and sponsored by eleven Democratic Senators.

"Chief McConnell," he said, "do you believe that climate change, global warming, is real, yes or no, second, do you believe that climate change, global warming, is man-made? Should Congress take immediate steps to solve the problem?

It makes sense. But Schumer then accused McConnell of playing "games" with a resolution backed by Democrats on the ground.

"This is not a debate," he said. "It's a diversion – it's a sham."

Schumer then announced that the Democrats "will shortly be presenting a resolution that will say … We believe in these three things and we will ask our Republicans if they support or oppose this resolution".

All of this is extremely humorous, especially since Markey has already introduced the Green New Deal in the Senate. Schumer does not seem to think that it's good enough. For good measure, I would like to remind you that 11 Senate Democrats, including the 2020 presidential candidates, have added their names to the Senate resolution. They have to vote for this $ 93 trillion monstrosity.

It's almost as funny as the weather Markey himself denounced McConnell after the majority leader in the Senate announced that there would be a vote on the Green New Deal resolution.

"Do not let Mitch McConnell fool you: it's nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we're building," tweeted the Massachusetts senator's office on Feb. 12. "He wants to silence your voice so that Republicans do not have to explain why they are Holocaust deniers McConnell wants it to be the end, it's just the beginning."

He added: "This is not a new Republican tip." By hastily voting on the #GreenNewDeal resolution, Republicans want to avoid a real national debate and put an end to their organizing efforts. let's hold the first national debate on climate change in a decade – we can not let the Republicans sabotage it. "

Yes, Senator Markey, the Senate Majority Leader wants to "silence your voice" by allowing duly elected senators to vote on a resolution you have tabled in the Senate. This is certainly a serious thing to claim. It's almost as bad as your Green New Deal.

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