Scientists have found a way to make something salty without all the salt

Good news (?) New for all those who love salty foods but do not like all that is, in fact, salt: researchers at Washington State University have created a salt mix that has a super salty taste without use almost as much sodium chloride.

According to their study, published in the journal Journal of Food Science Earlier this year, the team created different salt blends using various measures of NaCl (the salt we all know and love) and other elements. In particular, they were interested in the effects of calcium chloride and potassium chloride on taste – two salts that can be so bitter that people do not eat them.

The WSU team created different salt assays using all the compounds and tested them on an "electrical tab" as the human threshold gauge for calcium and potassium chlorides. They mixed solutions in water and things like tomato soup to test the taste.

At the end of the study, it is "a mixture containing approximately 96.4% of sodium chloride, 1.6% of potassium chloride and 2% of calcium chloride [that] was the ideal reduction. "

This distribution may not seem significant, but even a 2% decrease in sodium chloride is better for your health than we usually eat. The FDA guidelines recommend less than 2,300 milligrams (or about a teaspoon) of sodium a day – Americans average 3,400 milligrams a day.

"It's a stealthy approach, not like buying the" reduced salt "option, which people generally do not like," said Carolyn Ross, WSU Professor of Food Science. . "If we can bring people down, we improve health while preparing the foods that people want to eat."

You can read the entire study here and follow the progress of WSU here.

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