Scientists learn about extinct animal from fossil found in Belize


Posted: Wednesday, 27 February 2019. At 8 pm CST.

By BBN staff: Scientists say they are learning more about giant sloths that are extinct thanks to a fossilized tooth discovered in Belize in 2014.

Eurekalert, a site published today in the United States, states that scientists have been able to better understand the animal 's diet by analyzing various layers of the tooth that a diver has extracted from the animals. a chasm filled with water.

"The data suggests that the animal's diet varies seasonally and that the giant sloths in Belize are probably opportunistic feeders. Their diversified diet would have increased their habitat and distribution, "say the authors.

They also concluded that the tooth was found around 27,000 years old. Belize has made international headlines over the years for its outstanding scientific discoveries, such as the new shark species discovered in 2017.

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